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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brick Lane by Monica Ali

Brick Lane by Monica Ali

Title: Brick Lane
Author: Monica Ali
Publishers: Black Swan
Price: INR 300/-
Genre: Fiction

Monica Ali’s Brick Lane is another story about an immigrant in London. Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2003, the book traces the story of eighteen-year-old Nazneen in Bangladesh, who is forced to marry a man twenty years her elder and leave her home in a small village in Bangladesh for a home in London’s East End.

A sudden change in surroundings and the way people look at life, living in London proves to be a task for Nazneen and she is highly confused with what she sees. Coming from a place set in extreme poverty, she is surprised and thrown off balance at seeing the immense money people have and the many ways they have to spend it. It’s a culture shock, a yearning for the loved ones left back home she knows she will never see again, a bank of memories she keeps alive within herself.

The man she was married off to is sure he gives her a great life, but is unable to understand her despondent face and her lack of interest in things that make his life. She is supposed to take care of his each whim and fancy – after all that is what wives are for.

With each passing day and month, Nazneen learns to accept her new home and adopt the lifestyle of the place she is in, giving in to her fate, when suddenly, a young radical steps into the picture.

Personal verdict: Okay read.