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Thursday, March 24, 2011

On The Cover: It Takes A Village by Hillary Rodham Clinton

On the cover jacket:

'Ten years ago, one of America's most important public figures, Senator Hillary Rodham CLinton, chronicled her quest both deeply personal and, in the truest sense, public to help make our society into the kind of village that enables children to become able, caring and resilient adults.

The book elucidates how the choices we make about how we raise our children, and how we support families, will determine how all nations will face the challenges of this century.

Praise for the book:

San Franciso Review of Books:
'Wonderful and inspiring.....important and timely.'

Washington Post Book World:
A marvellously conceived book.

New York Times Book Review:

Dallas Morning News:
Filled with truths that are worth a read, and a reread....A textbook for caring."

Debolina's Verdict: 5/5