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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Member Of The Familky by Nick Vasile

On the cover jackt:

'Based on his own experiences in law enforcement - three decades of high-level mob investigations - Nick Vasile gives us a novel that reverberates with authenticity.

Paul Dante is hired by the Washington DC Mafia to track down their grandfather's missing son-in-law. He quickly learns that the young man is not a trusted 'member of the family' but an FBI informant. A violent psycopath who kills and tortures for pleasure, Orsini will, if let unchecked, destroy everything in his path - friends, family, the Bureau itself.
Dante finds a world turned upside-down, where morality is measured in magnum bullets, where a blood-crazed federal informant is more dangerous than the Mafia bosses he has been paid to put away.

Praise for the book:

'A terrific read. Captures the thinking of high-level mobsters perfectly' - Vincent Patrick, author of The Pope of Greenwich Village

'J.Edgar Hoover and the Brothers Kennedy made an unholy pact with a certain Mafia family. Nick's premise and his book ring true. One hell of a read' - Ed Gorman, award-winning author of Night Kills.

'Powerful...Vasile is a George V Higgins for the 90's' - Loren D. Estleman, award-winning author of Kill Zone.

'Was Hoover in bed with the mob? Vasile may well convince you...A powerhous!' - Jack Anderson, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist.

Debolina's Verdict: On my reading list

- Debolina Raja Gupta