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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Age Of Kali by William Dalrymple

Introduction by the author:

'The Age of Kali'
is a collection of peripatetic essays, a distillation of ten years' travel around the Indian subcontinent. For six of those years I was based in Delhi working on my second book while for the other four I wandered the region, on a more nomadic basis, for a few months each year. My travels took me from the fortresses of the drug barons of the North-West frontier to the jungle lairs of the Tamil Tigers; from flashy Bombay drinks parties to murderous Bihari blood feuds; from the decaying palaces of Lucknow to the Keralan exorcist temple of the bloody goddess Parashakti, She Who is Seated on a Throne of Five Corpses. All the pieces are the product of personal experience and direct observation.'

Praise for the book:

'Dalrymple remains without peer' - Sara Wheeler, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year.

'Essential reading: this hugely entertaining and informative collection of essays written over ten years of traveling gives a fascinating picture of modern India in all its extremes' - Express.

'Dalrymple's India is as vivid as Naipaul's' - Simon Jenkins, The Times

'A fine collection of writing, immaculately researched, and of course, wickedly funny...Dalrymple's discerning eye has an intimidatingly wide sweep, from Benazir Bhutyo's Mills and Boons to Jemima Khan's "To Do" List, to the decaying palaces of Lucknow and the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai...fine journalism; sheer pleasure' - Sugita Katyal, Business World

'Dalrymple writes with panache..he is sensitive to the past without mincing his words about the present. As a writer his strengths are clarity and range - and mastery of the sweeping statement..an eminently readable book' - Ashok Malik, India Today

'William Dalrymple is an engaging, informative and, on occasions, courageous commentator...The Age of Kali is to be enjoyed and to be heeded' - Sara Curtis, Times Literary Supplement

'A collection of essays on the subcontinent by the dazzling meteor of travel writing. Wide ranging, eye-opening and deeply knowledgeable' - Independent on Sunday

Debolina's Verdict: 5/5

- Debolina Raja Gupta