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Monday, April 4, 2011

Frames - The John Banville Trilogy - Athena, The Book of Evidence and Ghosts

On the cover:

'Frames consists of three interlocked novels, The Book of Evidence, Ghosts and Athens, all displaying a writer at the height of his powers.

In The Book of Evidence, Freddie Montgomery has committed two crimes. HE stole a small Dutch master from a wealthy family friend, and he murdered the chambermaid who caught him in the act. The latter act made perfect sense to him, but his motives for the former are rather mystifying.

In Ghosts, Fredie, having served his time in prison, has come to rest on a sparsely populated island with only the enigmatic Professor Silas Kreutznaer and his laconic companion, Licth, for company. A sort of uneasy calm is operating in this world, but then a party of castaways arrives with disquieting results.

In Athena, Morrow is at a loose end when, on two occasions, he is beckoned up the stairs of an empty Dublin house. The first time this happens he is offered a dubious kind of work. The second offer is even stranger.

Praise for the book:

"Banville writes a dangerous and clear-running prose and has a grim gift for seeing people's souls" - Don DeLillo, on The Book Of Evidence

"A work which proves Banville as a master, the artist in total control of his craft" - The Times, on Ghosts

"The consummately achieved and entrancing creation of a master of language; in the fullest sense a work of art" - Scotsman, on Athena

- Debolina Raja Gupta