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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Networking Wednesday - Armchair BEA Style

I have been a regular at Armchair BEA for only about two weeks now, and each day helps me connect with more interesting book lovers and book bloggers.

Today is Armchair BEA Networking Day, if you want to know what that means and be a part of this blog party too, visit Armchair BEA and since I am very new at Armchair BEA, I am not interviewing anyone this time. But I do have a few favourites amidst all the great blogs that I come across each day, and I think it would be great if you all could check them out too. Sorry to all those wonderful bloggers whose blogs I could not include, its just that I have been around for a very less time and did not get much time to look around and visit each blog.

So here are my favourite book blogs (in random order) I found on Armchair BEA (I do not intend to make anyone offended) If your blog is not here, please DO drop me a comment here with your blog link and I would love to check it out:

The Book Buff

E&K Family Book Review

Books Obsession

Lazy Girl Reads


Lazy Girl Reads

Puss Reboots: A Book Review A Day

Armchair Heroines

Under The Boardwalk

Bloggin 'Bout Books

Today's Adventure

Take a look at these amazing blogs for yourselves. I hope you like them.

Happy reading to all :)

- Debolina Raja Gupta