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Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Page Mondays - An Initiative by The Book Worm

I have often mentioned in various posts, that many times, the criteria for me picking up a book and bringing it home with me was that the first page was interesting enough.
Of course there are books that I am already aware of and that are on my desperate-to-read list. But more often than not, I end up in a book shop, browsing through rows and rows or piles and piles of books, books that I have never heard of, books that may have never been released in India, but I still managed to lay my hands on them as I found them in a re-sale shop, where some reader decided to abandon a 'foreign' work (and was I glad!). There have been countless instances when I have come across a book I had never heard of, but I read the first page in the shop, and either loved it right then, or was intrigued enough to continue reading - for which obviously I end up buying it.

Sometimes I have been disappointed too. A book that may have looked promising in the initial pages may not always turn out to be exactly a good read. But I always want to take that risk and end up with an odd 'not-good' book, rather than losing out on many awesome books.

So I decided to jot down the first page of a few books here on this blog. I will not be passing any comment on whether I liked the book or not. I am leaving it entirely up to you, on your judgement, whether you find it interesting enough and want to read it, or whether it sounds like one of those books that you would rather give a miss. So from now on, each Monday on The Book Worm will be a First Page Monday.

Take your call, and happy reading :)

- Debolina Raja Gupta