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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On The Cover: Dream's Sake by Author Jyoti Arora

I am currently reading the debut novel by author Jyoti Arora, based in India. She sent me a copy for review and I have only recently started reading it. So here's the blurb from the cover of the book:

' He can be as good as he wants to be and I'll be as bad as I need to be! We'll see where it all ends up,' says Aashi.

She believes she has a right to fight for her dreams. She believes a little bit of selfishness is necessary to survive in this world. Abhi, however, has not learnt that lesson. And he can't accept the fulfillment of his hopes when they seem to rise from the ruins of Aashi's dreams.

His sister Priyam and friend Sid are made from much the same mould. And in the path of their love too lies a dream - the dream of a dead and betrayed mother.

Feelings rise, and are suppressed. Past grips the present and threatens the future. Memories refuse to wane their shadows from the heart. Hope and despair fight a battle. Guilt rises up and resent the forgiveness. Revenge weaves a web. Friendship is tested. And love demands a sacrifice. A tumultous battle wages on...

What lies at the end of this battle?'

Hmmm.....frankly, I would not have picked up this book at the bookstore at the first go, more so because the cover jacket does not describe the kind of books I generally go for, its my personal view. But since this has come as a copy for review and the author has asked me to read and review it, I have started recently and will let you know how I feel about the book.

- Debolina Raja Gupta