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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sneaky-Peeky Sunday: Room by author Emma Donoghue

As part of the Sneaky-Peeky Sunday, an initiative of The Book Worm, here's a peek into the book I am currently reading. The book is titled 'Room' and is by author Emma Donoghue. Here's a peek into the page I am at right now.

'....some in the warddrobe, I have to keep asking Ma where she puts them.
She's reading one of her books with no pictures but I bring her the picture ones instead. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a terrible waster, he just eats holes through strawberries and salamis and everything and leaves the rest. I can put my actual finger through the holes, I thought somebody teared the book but Ma says it was made that way on purpose to be extra fun. I like Go, Dog, Go more, especially when they fight with tennis rackets.
Noreen knocks with somethings very exciting, the first are softy stretchy shoes like socks but made of leather, the second is a watch with just numbers so I can read it like Watch. I say, "The time is nine fifty-seven." It's too small for Ma, it's just mine, Noreen shows me how to tight the strap on my wrist.
"Presents every day, he'll be getting spoiled," says Ma, putting her mask up to blow her nose again.
"Dr. Clay said, whatever gives the lad a bit of a sense of control," says Noreen. When she smiles her eyes crinkle. "Probably a bit homesick, aren't you?"
"Homesick?" Ma's staring at her.
"Sorry, I didn't - "
"It wasn't a home, it was a soundproofed cell."
"That came out wrong, I beg your pardon," says Noreen.
She goes in a hurry. Ma doesn't say anything, she just writes in her notebook.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta