Fellow Book Worms :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Enjoy Reading? Who Me? Live For It.....

A few days ago, as I was sitting at home with a knee injury and ruptured tissues, a woman, who was visiting the house, took a look at the book lying open on the table and asked me what I was reading. The book looked unfamiliar to her she said, and was curious to know about it. Of course I was more than happy to help her with the details.

The book I was reading at that moment was This Burns My Heart by author Samuel Park. I am still reading it, so the review is due. But I can assure you it is one book you should not miss. Its easily available on Amazon, sadly not in the Indian bookstores, not that I know of. It was sent to me as a review copy by the publishers Simon & Schuster.

Ever since I can remember I have been reading.....like there is no tomorrow, like I have to finish reading everything right NOW..Even though my parents were the ones who inculcated the habit of reading and, later, writing, in me, they were also the ones who would later fret at my obsession with books. This paranoia has now shifter on to my hubby, who dreads the moment I may spot a bookstore and be lost to him for the entire day.

On some days, I am this sophisticated and casual reader, sitting quietly on the couch, a book in hand, surrounded by tonnes more, secure in my knowledge that once I finish this one, there's always a bank of books that are waiting for me.

Some days I am super-relaxed, not looking at the other books on my shelf, but sharing all my love with the book in hand.

Some days I sit and chat with my girl friends, discussing books and authors, and something that may have caught our attention in a particular book.

Some days I am like this...super-absorbed in the book Im reading and loving every moment of it.

And many days Im like this...oblivious to the world...ignoring every one else, only really wanting to be with my book..

And if you're wondering what this pic has to do with my love for books, its just that I know I am gonna still be in love with books forever, till the day I die..will keep on reading with my last-est bit of eye and strength and heart :)

And now...here's my lovely little nook that holds most of my precious titles...

- Debolina Raja Gupta