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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reading Right Now: A Bullet For Two by Robert Strzalko

There is this wonderful book that I recently received from author Robert Strzalko. Its his first book and he sent me a review copy through Book Pleasures. Since I have just only begun, I will share the blurb on the cover.

'Shortly after the conclusion of the American Civil War in 1865, a union soldier heads west to start a new life. When he rescues a young girl that is being raped, he is deemed an outlaw rather than a hero. She falls deeply in love with him as they flee together through mountains and deserts to evade the bounty hunters and posses that are after them. Two days from the Mexican border they find themselves in an inevitable showdown that has been building towards its shattering climax.'

The book is 137 pages long and will be a fast and engrossing read.

You can easily order the book here:

- Debolina Raja Gupta