Fellow Book Worms :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Read, What I Am Reading and What I Am Going To Read

What a crazy week this last one has been. With books rushing in from different parts of the world, the few past days couldn't have been better - except maybe a full 24 hours of sleep, or even a few hours' non-stop sleep for that matter, been craving for that for QUITE some time now...but anyway..that wasn't what I meant to share with you here...maybe some other time.

Been reading some amazing novels for some time now and the trend sure looks like its going to continue for a long time, as my next-to-be-read list is already sorted.

Just Finished:

This Burns My Heart by author Samuel Park (sent as a review copy by publishers Simon & Schurst in association with BookPleasures)

Currently Reading:

The Gargoyle by author Andrew Davidson (sent as a review copy by author Andrew Davidson)

Will Be Reading Soon:

Hollywood Under The Covers by author Brandie Knight (sent as a review copy by author Brandie Knight's PR team)

Lots of fantastic books and lots of fun times ahead :)

- Debolina Raja Gupta