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Friday, September 16, 2011

On The Cover: The Camerons by author Robert Crichton

Finally I get to tell you about that book that I had earlier mentioned in one of my posts. This is the book that I had borrowed from a friend about 10-12 years back. It was one of the most amazing books I had ever read, but as the book was a very old one, it had the covers missing and even the first few pages were gone. But that did not stop me from getting hooked on to this amazing family saga. And as I was drawing towards a much-awaited climax, I realised that even the last few chapters were gone !!! That was a tragedy, as I had got so engrossed in the book that the characters and their life was all I could think of then. So there I was, with one of the best books I had ever read, not knowing the name of the book or the author, and not knowing the beginning or the end. And till date the book and its characters remained etched in my heart.

Till I talked about it here in one of my posts and a reader from the other side of

the world happened to read about it. She mailed me about a similar book she had read and asked me to check it out. And as I typed the name of the book with bated breath......there it was...the story that had remained in my heart till now and the story I had been longing to read all over again. I went to order it online via Amazon and was surprised to see that its now a vintage collection book, the prints have been stopped and it remains one of the most read and loved books ever!!!! I still managed to grab hold of a reallylllll old edition..1974...the book came out in 1972, and here I am now, with my proud copy of The Camerons by author Robert Crichton.

So here's what is on the cover of this much loved book of mine. Have a look and if you are lucky enough, try and find a copy somewhere, believe me, its one of the best books you will ever read....

On the cover:
'The Camerons is the story of the indomitable Maggie Drum, who washes the grime of coal-mining Pitmungo town from her beautiful face and sets out to find a man worthy of fathering her family. It is the story of the big, poor-but-proud Highlander who marries her, gives her seven children, and challenges her with an unyielding spirit of his own.'

Praise for the book:

'A GEM among a thousand rhinestones - The New York Times'

'A Big Steaming Plum Pudding bursting with delicious smells...readable, enjoyable, heart-warming...up-beat - The Boston Globe'

'The Camerons is a good, sturdy family saga....A Long, Solid, Satisfying Read - The Cleveland Plain Dealer'

You can still try and get your copy of this vintage collection book here:

- Debolina Raja Gupta