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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On The Cover: The Day Of The Butterfly by author Norah Lofts

This is another wonderful book called 'The Day Of The Butterfly' by author Norah Lofts. This book too is one of the vintage collection books and is quite hard to come by. But if you do, don't miss out on this one...

On the cover jacket:
'When Daisy Holt is fired from her first job as a nursemaid, her fortune goes from bad to worse and she seems destined for a life in a London brothel. But fortune had not reckoned with a kindly madam with a shrewd eye for a good investment who spares Daisy from her imminent fate. Taught to become a dancer and not a prostitute, her talent enchants the wealthy patrons who find her pluckiness and rustic charm refreshing. Daisy's star is clearly in the ascendant.

But in this tale of early-nineteenth-century London, fate has only begun to have its capricious and cruel way with Daisy's future. And, when her radiance attracts the eye of an artist obsessed with painting a portrait, Daisy experiences her first romance and the first of her sorrows as well.

A wonderful novel of a woman beautiful spirit and faith in the future will delight Norah Lofts' legions of fans.'

This book was the winner of the Georgette Heyer Award.'

You can get your copy of the book here:

- Debolina Raja Gupta