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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sneaky-Peeky Sundays: Connect The Dots by author Rashmi Bansal

Hey guys, I know last Sunday I shared a page out of the book Connect The Dots by author Rashmi Bansal. I've just been busy with a few things and didn't read as much as I generally do. I'm just about to finish the book, so here's still another page from the book, the page I am now, as part of the Sneaky-Peeky Sundays here on The Book Worm.

'They said, "Well, you'll have to pay."

I said, "I'm not going to pay - what can we do?"

They said, "OK, why don't you work for us. You speak good English, you know wildlife, so you can take our visitors out for a safari, give them a tour..."

The deal was: no salary, only food and accommodation.

I said, "Great - that's perfect for me."

And that was how Kalyan simply packed his bags and moved into 'Jungle Lodges and Resorts' in BR Hills, a wildlife sanctuary near Mysore. A move which was to change his life, forever.

Since he was not taking any salary, Kalyan did not have any major responsibilities as an employedd of the company.

"Morning I would go in the jeep safari, evening I would go in the jeep safari. In the daytime I would kust take my vehicle and drive around in the forest. It was just the best time of my life."

24 hours in the jungle meant, you got to see and actually be with wildlife. And the people who know them best.

"I would take tribal guys and just follow a tiger for 2-3 days. Follow leopard kills, follow elephants. Learn about birds, play with monkeys. I spent so much time that they recognise me, treat me.....accept me as part of their troupe now."


And there were some super-closem super-dangerous encounters with animals.

"The first time I saw a tiger, I just couldn't pick up my camera; I was shivering so much. And this happened another 3-4 times!"

Another time, Kalyan was setting a 'camera trap' i.e. a camera which is tied to a tree. This camera detects heat and hence photos of any animal passing by automatically.

"So there I was tying the camera to the tree and I didn't realise, just a little above me, at the fork of the branch, there was a leopard. I heard something and looked up and saw it smiling at me from a distance of two feet. It was the scariest moment of my life, I think. I almost peed in my pants that day!"

Kalyan ran for his life and lived to tell the tale! And there were the 'fear factor' moments but it only got him more addicted.

At the end of three months, Kalyan just could not go back. He was loving it so much that he ended up staying in the jungle for a whole year!......

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- Debolina Raja Gupta