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Monday, October 10, 2011

First Page Mondays: Treasures by Belva Plain

As part of the First Page Mondays here on The Book Worm, here's the first page from author Belva Plain's novel Treasures

'The two United States marshals, who had come to make an arrest, parked their inconspicuous black car, got out and looked up at the ornamental modern roof of the sixty-five-storied tower. Sombre rain clouds drooped over the city, releasing their first drops just as the pair in their plain dark suits reached the bronze doors that fronted the avenue. The younger man, who seemed almost imperceptibly to hesitate, followed the other across the marble floor to the long rank of elevators. This was no ordinary assignment today, nor was this a part of New York into which he usually was sent, and he was feeling a certain tension. It bothered him that he did. It was unprofessional.

"It seems funny in a way to handcuff the guy," he said. 'Guy'll be wearing a Brooks Brothers suit probably. You know what I mean? He's not an armed thug.'

'But you can't ever tell what a person will do. He could go off his nut and start punching. Or he could even head for the window. Press the forty-first floor, will you?'

The elevator slid upward silently as if on silken cords, while a red light efficiently marked each number as it passed.

'Smells of money, doesn't it, Jim?' remarked the younger.

'Sure does. And lots of it.'

'Wonder what the guy really did. Really, I mean.'

'God knows. You've got to be a high-priced lawyer to figure it out. I wouldn't bother to try.'

'Seems kind of sad, doesn't it? Being hauled off from a place like this.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta