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Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Hollywood Under The Covers by Brandie Knight

It was a chance comment on this blog that led me to Hollywood writer, producer, lyricist, publisher, entrepreneur and one-time publicist Brandie Knight. I saw Brandie Knight's comment on my blog on a post I did about author Jackie Collins, whose works I have thoroughly enjoyed. And it was then that Brandie Knight offered, so graciously, to send me a copy of her sexy book Hollywood Under The Covers for a complimentary read and review. She told me she wanted to see my reaction on reading the book, and I must say I had one too many of those.....For starters, the book is 'loosely based on real events' and Brandie herself admits that whatever she has mentioned in the book is pale in comparison to what she has seen happening in Hollywood for 'real.'

Before I tell you more about the book, here's a note, rather, a warning, from the author herself, to all those who wish to pick up her book:

Author’s Warning: Do NOT read this novel if you are easily offended, related to the author, or under 18-years-old. By keeping the material as close to the truth as possible, the adult content is explicit and may be offensive to some people.

Like I said, I have read a few Jackie Collins books earlier and had a bit of an idea of what I should be reading in Brandie Knight's book. But as I read through the first page, I must admit, this was one of those openings I have never ever come across any book that I have read till date. For a few minutes I was wondering if what I was reading was real, especially since Brandie and her publicists had mentioned specifically in their mails that whatever is there in the book is actually happening for real out there....So, I took another few minutes to sit and re-read the first few pages...especially the opening...and boy oh boy...if this is my reaction to a fiction novel, how would one react to it in real life???!!!!

One of the best and most captivating feature of the book is Brandie's ability to create a powerful visual impact. As you read through each scene, you can see it all playing in front of your eyes, just as if you were watching this on-screen...And I do believe and hope this book will surely be made into a movie (can't tell you how eager I will be to see it!!)

The main protagonist is Lacy Fox, a romance writer, who goes through a series of adventures and experiences in Hollywood while working on her projects. Lacy Fox is already a well-established name in Hollywood, and her fictional character, Tiger, is a hearth-throb and sex-symbol for the teenaged and the young and not-so-young alike. Not many are aware about the truth behind her hero Tiger, about the 'real' man on whom Tiger is based. This happens to be a top actor in Hollywood named Dario, whom Lacy had met earlier at a party one night in Hollywood. He was still a struggling actor then, and now Lacy is unable to come to terms with his stardom. Her fantasies, her longing and her constant sexual tensions in relation to Dario form a chain through the novel. We are introduced to other important characters, plots and sub-plots that are equally interesting and gripping. But I don't want to give away too much of the story here...I would rather you read it for yourself and be taken by surprise and shock !!!!

What I also loved about Brandie Knight's writing is the way she points out exact places and timings. It's as if everything is happening in real time right in front of your eyes (of course the event are loosely based on real events so Brandie does have an insider's knowledge of events and places).

The characters are many and varied, ranging from wannabes to superstars to producers, to agents, to managers, to writers, to family, to mistress, to so many interesting people who are scattered throughout the 356 pages in the book. But Brandie Knight does an amazing job of sequencing, of re-creating story after story while keeping the main plot intertwined in all her parallel stories and events. Not once do you get confused about who is who and what this person was doing in the last chapter and where did this character suddenly come up from? Every character has importance and is crucial to the story as a whole.

As I read the book, I understood why the author had given a warning with the book and why Brandie Knight and her managers were so vocal in their mails about the content being explicit. True, the graphic portrayals of the many sex-scenes can be a bit too much for some, but I never found it to be out of place or unreal. After all, these things do happen, and rather than brushing them under the carpet or choosing to play around with words when it comes to raw and powerful sex scenes, Brandie Knight manages to create an effect that is 'real' yet not vulgar or cheap. The drugs, the porn, the sleaze, the sex, the booze, its all part of the 'real' world, and that is where I believe Brandie Knight has done a great job of actually putting it on a platter and serving it to us the way it really is. So for any of you who feel the explicit sex talk can get too much, I would suggest you read the book with an open mind, with the knowledge that these things do happen around us, and that this IS the real world.

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For any of you who has ever read a Jackie Collins novel and loved it, this is THE book for you to read. I loved reading Hollywood Under The Covers and THANK YOU Brandie and her entire PR team, especially Dustin, for giving me a chance to read this exciting novel.

Brandie Knight is currently working on her next novel, and I do hope I get a chance to read and review it.....Can't tell you how excited I am to read the next. If her first was as explosive as this, can't even wait and see what the next one has in store.....

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- Debolina Raja Gupta