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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sneaky-Peeky Sundays: Saraswati Park by Anjali Joseph

As part of the Sneaky-Peeky Sunday initiative here at The Book Worm, here's a look at the page from the book 'Saraswati Park' by Anjali Joseph that I am reading right now.

* This is a complimentary review copy sent by Crossword as part of their Vodafone Crossword Book Award 2010 and is NOT A PURCHASED COPY.

'He crossed the road and walked between the stalls selling office clothing - consignments of white shirts, spread out helplessly on tables - past the bus stand and the side entrance of the station, to the tarpaulin and the gnarled, mythic-looking banyan tree where the letter writer sat, next to the pigeon shelter. It was all right; their tables were chained and padlocked in place, and one of the others would have left his things - sealing wax, muslin, packing needles, the directory of postal codes - at the shop nearby. He patted his shirt pocket, where his train pass was a reassuring flat surface; in his back pocket his wallet was undisturbed.

A group of pigeons flew out of the old tree and into the sky, their winds making the sound of wind on the sea; they criss-crossed each other and made for the west. He tucked the new book under his arm and returned to the station, where a Harbour Line train was pulling into platform two.


When he woke in the morning his wife was still asleep. In the half-light he saw the back of her neck, a few inches away. At the nape, fine hair curled; one shoulder rose under the sheet into a hillock that sheltered her face. The perfume of her neck, which had astounded him they'd been newly married, was unchanged: intense, overripe; lotuses mixed with ash.

He extricated himself gently from the cotton sheet, which seemed to have become needy during the night. He padded into the bathroom, switched on the water heater, and went to the kitchen. It was good, this moment of silence before the machinery of the day began. It had been different when the .........'

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- Debolina Raja Gupta