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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sneaky-Peeky Sundays: Women And The Weight-Loss Tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar

Ok, so I'm again a bit late...but here's the page I am currently reading out of the two books I'm reading parallel. Its called 'Women And The Weight Loss Tamasha' by author Rujuta Diwekar. The book deals with the many weight-loss issues women deal with everyday, how it plays on our minds and even though we attempt so many ways to lose weight, what we end up doing wrong and what are the ways we can actually adopt to have a successful weight and fitness plan for ourselves.

Here's a peek:
'When you're relaxed, you generally don't behave harshly with yourself. I mean, as women, we have been brainwashed into always being nice to others, especially after marriage, but we're never told not to behave 'rudely' to ourselves. So we are all guilty of doing tons of emotional atyachar on ourselves daily. But when we feel relaxed we are willing to go easy on ourselves. So no weighing scales but just jasmine chai. Tumhare paas kya hai? Mere paas jasmine chai hai.'

Okay, jokes apart, families have been broken, money laundered, health has been lost and the body has been put through near-death experiences - all to see some elusive number on a weighing scale. One of my clients lost her mother due to a complication post liposuction (she wanted to lose weight quickly for her son's marriage). Her story almost killed me. I mean, what's wrong with us? Who are we trying to please, and at what cost? I couldn't have possibly lost 2.5 kilos in less than thirty seconds - that's about the time it took to hop from one weighing scale to another. And yet I know that it's standard practice in the gym for women to get themselves checked on all three weighing scales so they have yet another thing to whine about. Oh! Only three hundred grams? What, still sixty-seven?

Let's look at it this way - just because you have never had a show-down with your mother-in-law, is it safe to assume that you love her? No? There you go. The number on the weighing scale is as much an indicator of health, fitness and beauty, as the absence of a showdown is an indicator of love. Or standing first in class an indicator of smartness. Even schools are now adopting more holistic......'

You can grab your copy here:

- Debolina Raja Gupta