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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Few Snatches From Here And There: Musings Of A Wanderer

I absolutely have to start this post by apologising to Shreya Chatterjee, poet, wanderer, who sent me this book ages ago and asked me to read it and talk about it if I like....I told her I am not a poetry person per-se, but she asked me to have a look nevertheless...And the book has been sitting in my bookshelf for so many weeks now, waiting for me to pick it up while I was reading the other books that were lined for review...

Like I said, I am NOT a poetry person, and have never talked about any poetry book here on this blog, but this book sure needs a mention as the verses here are in reality more of random thoughts that sit perfectly in prose.

About the book:
Title: Musings of a Wanderer
Author: Shreya Chatterjee
No. of Pages: 93
INR: Rs.100

Here's what you'll see on the cover jacket:
'For I write, what I see
And speak of
Things I feel.
Thus "Musings of a Wanderer"
Stand true to its name.

Indeed the MUSINGS OF A WANDERER speaks volumes about the simplest of things that quietly becomes a part of our lives. It speaks of failing and triumphs. The poet speaks of expressions of living moments and of those that are perhaps never to see the light of the day. You will find monsoon peeping, you will find, romance lingering and as a sense of determination that ebbs inside a young mind.

Think of a blogger, who lives with the belief, life is nothing but a meandering river or a path. Here you get to meet and forget people, you get to run through darkness and regal in the glory of refreshing sun rays. She speaks of life you are able to see unfolding in front of you. She speaks of your life and of all the others, around you.

Shreya Chatterjee is a writer by profession, poet by will. She lives in Kolkata with her parents and her loving books.

- Debolina Raja Gupta