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Monday, January 30, 2012

First Page Mondays: Destiny by Sally Beauman

As part of the First Page Mondays series here at The Book Worm, I am sharing with you the first page of the book 'Destiny' by British author Sally Beauman. The book holds a special love in my heart. I picked it up while on a trip to Germany. As I was browsing through the bookstores, having finished reading the books that I had brought with me from home, I was desperately in need of something new to read. That is when I came across this huge beauty of a book. As if the cover picture wasn't enchanting enough, the blurb on the cover jacket was enough to make me to dive into the story immediately. Till date it remains one of my most cherished books ever. I will share the cover story with you some other day for sure. And I will also be sharing about the other amazing works by this same author.

As of now, here's a look at the beginning to an amazing read:

' Paris

The authorisation was for two million dollars. It was the last letter of the day.

He read through the paragraphs carefully, checking each line and taking his time. Across the desk from him, his senior secretary waited patiently, nothing in her manner betraying the fact that she was newly engaged, very much in love and very anxious to go home. He glanced up at her and smiled. Outside the plate glass windows the sun still shone, and from the street below, insulated and muffled by the glass, came the hum of the Paris traffic. It was six o' clock.

Paris in the summer; the Seine on a warm evening. He had known once, he thought, how the end of the day felt, when the evening was full of promise. Now now. He bent his head to the papers once more, picked up his platinum pen, and signed. Edouard de Chavigny.

He slid the white paper across the black desk, and then, taking pity on her, said: 'You may go now.'

Her head lifted at once; she looked startled. Then the colour rushed into her cheeks, and her eyes lit.

'It's only six o' clock.'

'I know that. I suggest you go now. Before one of the telephones rings.' His voice became dry. 'Before I change my mind.'

'Thank you.'

She needed no more prompting. As she gathered the papers, Edouard rose. He moved across the room and stood with his back to her, looking out of the windows. The commercial sector of Paris.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta