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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

Whoa! I know this is pretty fast. I mean, my previous review was posted only yesterday! But I have been quite late in sharing my reviews, for whatever reasons, so I guess it's time now to get back on track and finish the backlog of the books that I did finish reading but never really got to sit down and review.

For review today, I have a book called 'Softly and Tenderly' by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck. Sara Evans is also an American country singer. This book was sent to me through BookSneeze and the publishers for review.

* This is a complimentary review copy and NOT a purchased copy.

Details about the book:

Author: Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck
Title: Softly & Tenderly
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

When I requested for this particular book for review, I was not aware of the fact that this is part of a series, in fact this is the second book in the Songbird series. But that is no cause for concern, as you can very well read this book as an individual novella without any need to refer to any part of a series.

The main protagonist is Jade, a young woman who has been married for quite some time now to her dashing husband Max. Jade is a successful business woman, with two boutiques in the small town where she lives, and a wonderful reputation of being the perfect woman, except that she has still not conceived.

Jade longs to start a family with her husband, though she is unable to bear him a child, and this is one nagging thought that makes her long for a child of her own even more.

Jade's world is suddenly turned upside down as she discovers a secret between her in-laws, a secret to which she unwillingly and unknowingly becomes a witness. Already burdened with the thought of her ailing mother who is spending her fight with cancer, this revelation seems like it is enough drama for now. But is it? Jade has more to witness, as she is confronted with a past from her husband, a husband who she loves with all her heart and who loves her back with as much passion, but whose past is now catching up nonetheless with Jade's present, and threatening to ruin all that she believed in.

Jade decides to run away from all the confusion and heart-break and decides to take her mother back to where she grew up. Thus Jade embarks on a road trip with her mother Beryl and her mother-in-law June.

I will not go into any more details as it would give up a lot on the story.

The book is a very fast read, especially as it is in large fonts and can be finished off in one sitting. The characters are nice and can be related to easily, the story is interesting, and I found it a little too easy a read for me.

However, as I am a non-believer, I found the concepts of 'Faith' and 'His Power' a little too much for my taste. I would rather have this as a regular book than a 'Believe In God' book. But I definitely do not mean that you will not like the book. The story is interestingly built and I actually liked it a bit, just the fact that the references to 'Him' were a little unnecessary for me, that's all. Hope I am not offending anyone here with my (non)belief.

I will give this book two hearts: An OK read.

- Debolina Raja Gupta