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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: The Blogging Affair by Manu

Yes yes, forgive me, I am late as the last few times again! But this time I have the excuse of the New Year fever to help me in my lapse ;-)

I am currently reading a very interesting book called 'The Blogging Affair' by an author who likes to call himself Manu, adding to the feeling of suspense that he has already created in his story. I have received this signed copy from Manu and must say I am quite liking what I am reading. So here's a look at the page I am on now.

'Subject: Shocks and Aftershocks!!

Posted: 208 days ago

It started pretty much like any other day. We woke up. First K and then me, as usual. K had a flight to catch so the breakfast was a rushed affair (I have to be careful using that word). I was relaxed till K was around. The moment K left, I sprang into action. That was because O was coming to my place!

O was going to arrive around the same time K was going to check in. I got busy decorating myself, just like anyone expecting their girlfriend. I was in the shower when my cell began to ring. I was half blinded with soap in my eyes, bumping into stuff as I probed my way around, hoping all the while that it was O calling to tell that her flight had landed.

Was I mistaken? The call was from K. K's flight had been delayed due to bad weather. And K was on the way back home.

Thus was delivered unto me my first shock of the day.

I could not let O come with K in the house. I stumbled back into the shower, got rid of the soap, and rushed to call O. I must have tried her number a hundred times from then till K rang our doorbell. It kept saying it was out of reach. I figured that the only way I could stop O from coming was to stop her right at the airport. So I told....'

- Debolina Raja Gupta