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Monday, February 27, 2012

First Page Mondays: Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser

As part of the First Page Mondays here at The Book Worm, here is the first page from the book Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser. Enjoy!

'YOU SEE THEM EVERYWHERE. THE TEENAGE GIRL WITH THE IPOD, SITTING across from you on the subway, frenetically typing messages into her cell phone. The whiz kid summer intern in your office who knows what to do when your e-mail client crashes. The eight-year-old who can beat you at any video game on the market - and types faster than you do, too. Even your niece's newwborn baby in London, whom you've never met, but with whom you've bonded nonetheless, owing to the new batch of baby photos that arrive each week.

All of them are "Digital Natives." They were all born after 1980, when social digital technologies, such as Usenet and bulletin board systems, came online. They all have access to networked digital technologies. And they all have the skills to use those technologies. (Except for the baby - but she'll learn soon enough.)

Chances are, you've been impressed with some of the skills these Digital Natives possess. Maybe your young assistant has shown you a hilarious political satire online that you never would have found on your own, or made presentation materials for you that make your own PowerPoint slides seem medieval by comparison. Maybe your son has Photoshopped a cloud.....'

- Debolina Raja Gupta