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Monday, February 13, 2012

First Page Mondays: Coal Miner's Daughter by Loretta Lynn

As part of the First Page Mondays at The Book Worm, here is the first page from the book 'The Coal Miner's Daughter' by Loretta Lynn. Enjoy !!

'Well, I was borned a coal miner's daughter,
In a cabin on a hill in Butcher Holler,
We were poor but we had love.....
- Coal Miner's Daughter,'
by Loretta Lynn

Most people know that much about me, because those are the first words of my biggest song. I open my show with it because I know people are gonna request it until I sing it. I wrote it myself, nine verses, and it broke my heart when I had to cut three verses out because it was too long. I could have written a thousand more verses, I've got so many memories of Butcher Holler.

To me, that place is the most important part of my life. My fans and writers are always making a big deal about me acting natural, right from the country. That's because I come from Butcher Holler, Kentucky, and I ain't never forgot it.

I'm always making Butcher Holler sound like the most backward part of the United States - and I think maybe it is. I've traveled all over this country, down South and out West, and I ain't never seen anything like it. And I ain't making fun of it, because I'm the most backward person you ever saw. I never knew where babies came from until it happened to me.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta