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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: First Light by Sunil Gangopadhyay

As part of the Sneaky Peeky Sunday here at The Book Worm, here's the page I am currently on from the mega novel 'First Light' by Sunil Gangopadhyay.

'Jyotirindranath took Gyanadanandini's advice. Leaving Chandannagar, he returned to Calcutta. But he did not go back to Jorasanko. He took up residence in Number 10 Sadar Street in Chowringhee and moved in there with Kadambari.

 Chowringhee was the most fashionable area in Calcutta. The houses were large and beautiful with neatly laid out gardens and were occupied, almost exclusively, by the British, Parsees and Armenians. It was a quiet locality and very clean. The open drains on either side of the road had been covered over recently with stone footpaths. Now the wide sweep of asphalt under bright gas lamps could match the finest street in London. Jyotirindranath liked to live in style and so vast quantities of furniture were ordered for Kadambari's new establishment. Carved bedsteads, Persian carpets and Belgian mirrors were arranged tastefully in all the bedrooms. There were pottery stands for plants in the verandas and English knick knacks in glass cupboards in the drawing room. Fresh flowers were sent in every morning from Hogg Saheb's market. These Kadambari arranged with her own hands - her floral design changing with her changing moods.

 Jyotirindranath and Kadambari had taken it for granted that Robi would move in with them. But Robi was not sure of what he wanted to do. Gyanadanandini had invited him to stay with her several times. 'You've spent quite a while with Natun,' she had said in her strident tones. 'It is time you came to us. Have you forgotten the wonderful times we had in England?' Somewhat intimidated, Robi pondered deeply over the matter and took a decision. He would move into the house at Birji Talao for the present. But he would take Kadambari's permission first.

 Entering the house in Sadar Street that morning, he found his sister-in-law putting the last finishing touches to the room she had prepared for his use. It was a charming room, light and airy, with a large balcony opening out of it. And it had been furnished in Kadambari's impeccable taste. A mahogany bedstead with a.....'

 - Debolina Raja Gupta