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Friday, April 6, 2012

On The Cover: Waiting For Sunrise by William Boyd

 Here's the storyline from the book 'Waiting For Sunrise' by William Boyd.

 'Vienna 1913. It is a fine day in August when Lysander Rief, a young English actor, walks through the city to his first appointment with the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Bensimon. Sitting in the waiting room he is anxiously pondering the particularly intimate nature of his neurosis when a young woman enters.

 She is clearly in distress, but Lysander is immediately drawn to her strange, hazel eyes and her unusual intense beauty. Her name is Hettie Bull. The two begin a passionate love affair and life in Vienna becomes tinged with a powerful frisson of excitement for Lysander.

 Later, he meets Sigmund Freud in a cafe, begins to write a journal, enjoys secret trysts with Hettie and appears, miraculously, to have been cured.

 Back in London, 1914. War is imminent, and events in Vienna have caught up with Lysander in the most damaging way. Unable to live an ordinary life, he is plunged into the dangerous theatre of wartime intelligence - a world of sex, scandal and spies, where lines of truth and deception blur with every waking day. Lysander must now discover the secret code which is threatening Britain's safety, and use all his skills to keep the murky world of betrayal from invading every corner of his life.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta