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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Page Mondays: Pigeon English by Stephen Kilman

Oops, sorry I know I missed Monday again! But here it is, the first page from the book Pigeon English by Stephen Kilman. Enjoy!

'You could see the blood. It was darker than you thought. It was all on the ground outside Chicken Joe's. It just felt crazy.

 Jordan: 'I'll give you a million quid if you touch it.'
 Me: 'You don't have a million.'
 Jordan: 'One quid then.'
 You wanted to touch it but you couldn't get close enough. There was a line in the way:


 If you cross the line you'll turn to dust.

 We weren't allowed to talk to the policeman, he had to concentrate for if the killer came back. I could see the chains hanging from him his belt but I couldn't see his gun.

 The dead boy's mamma was guarding the blood. She wanted it to stay, you could tell. The rain wanted to come and wash the blood away but she wouldn't let it. She wasn't even crying, she was just stiff and fierce like it was her job to scare the rain back up into the sky. A pigeon was looking for his chop. He walked right in the blood. He was even sad as well, you could tell where his eyes were all pink and dead.

 - Debolina Raja Gupta