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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: Murder in The 11th House

Am reading this amazing book titled Murder In The 11th House by Mitchell Scott Lewis. Here is the page I am currently on right now:

*The book was sent as a complimentary review copy and is NOT a paid copy.

'through several small towns, all displaying signs welcoming the men and women in uniforms.

 The army camp was situated down a long road cut deep into the woods. Except for the fences lining the side of the road and an occasional no trespassing sign, there was nothing to denote this as anything more than a sleepy country byway, until they came to a gatehouse and a soldier in uniform. The limo was stopped at the gate, a phone call was made, and they were ushered into the camp. The colonel was waiting for them outside his headquarters.

 'Would you mind if we walked around the compound while we talked?' asked Colonel Marshal.

 'Not at all,' said Melinda.

 He was wearing a light brown topcoat casual uniform, and his walk was stiff and purposeful, like one would expect of a career military man. The site was much larger than it first appeared. They strolled slowly through the compound past the barracks.

 Lowell followed the two at a few paces. He stoked his ponytail once and looked about as they walked. He didn't love things military.

 Melinda turned on her portable recorder. 'Would you tell us a little bit about Johny Colbert?'

 'Private Colbert can be a pain in the ass,' said the colonel. 'She always has to do things her way, and it makes for some difficult moments.'

 'And how long has she been in the reserves?'

 'Three years.'

 'So she was almost thirty-seven when she signed on. Wasn't that a little too old to be joining up?'

 'I suppose so, but you should have seen the fight in her. She took out women and men twice her size. Could run the obstacle course in record time, and was smart as a whip.'

 'How was her discipline?'

 'Well, discipline was not her strongest suit.'

 'Was she a problem?'

 'She wasn't a problem; just had her own way of going about things.' 

- Debolina Raja Gupta