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Monday, June 25, 2012

First Page Mondays: Lucknow Boy A Memoir by Vinod Mehta

I am yet to read this, but have heard quite a few interesting reviews about this one....Lucknow Boy A Memoir by Vinod Mehta.

 '...Punjabis have a deserved reputation for being philistines. I cannot avoid the genetic flaw, although I have tried to move towards learning and refinement. So, the reader of this autobiography should not be surprised to learn that no one in my immediate or extended family is a 'topper' or has won the Nobel Prize or even had the benefit of higher education. I was educated up to a certain socially acceptable norms - living up to the Tandons as it were!

 On my mother's side some serious money had been gathered. Unfortunately, it stayed there. My maternal great-grandfather (Talwar) came from Afghanistan (whether he fled or shifted willingly is unclear) and set up a cloth shop in Rawalpindi in an area which came to be known after him. It acquired the name Talwaron ka Bazaar, and I had the good fortune of strolling through it on a visit to Pakistan. We told the taxi driver to take us to Talwaron ka Bazaar and he seemed to know it. Its name, of course, had been changed but my ancestors' name still rang a bell.

 The Talwars were merchant-shopkeepers. My great-grandfather's cloth shop acquired some reputation in Rawalpindi. He became quite rich. In the family, however, my great-grandfather is remembered not for the successful business he set up but for his stinging rebuke in broken English to a fussy......' 

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: All That I Am by Anna Funder

(Author Anna Funder)

As part of the Sneaky Peeky Sunday here at The Book Worm, here is the page from the book 'All 
That I Am' by Anna Funder. 

'.........No. No, I haven't.' She swivels, placing a stray curl of dark hair behind her ear.

 'Good. Good, good.'

 She laughs - Clara has a PhD from Frankfurt and a fine mind and can afford lavish self-deprecation. 'It's not good!'

 'No, it is.'

 She tilts her face to me, the freckles strewn across it as a random and perfect as a constellation.

 'Because I'm going to be making some changes.'

 She waits.

 'It's incomplete.'

 'I should hope so.'

 'No. Not updates. Someone I left out.'

 My memoir is subtly, shamefully self-aggrandising. I put myself at the centre of everything; I never admitted any doubts or fear. (I was cunning, though, telling of isolated childhood cruelties and adult rashness, to give the illusion - not least to myself - of full disclosure.) I left my love out, and now she is nowhere. I want to see whether, at this late stage of the game, honesty is possible for me.

 When I open the book in my lap its pages stand up like a fan, held tight to a midpoint. The National Socialists took my diaries - probably burnt them on their pyres as well. I must work from memory.

 The girl sits down at the table, side-on to me. Clara Bergdorf has been working with me for five weeks. She is a rare soul, with whom silences of whole minutes are calm. The time is neither empty, nor full of anticipatory pressure. It expands. It makes room for things to return, to fill my empty heart.

 I light a cigar and leave it smoking in the ashtray. 'We'll start with the introduction. Add this dedication at the end.' I clear my throat. 'I call to mind a woman, to whose courageous act I owe the....'

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Friday, June 22, 2012

Q&A With Dr. Karen Moriarty: Author of the MJ Biography, Defending A King ` His Life & Legacy

Recently, I had the opportunity of doing a Q&A session with Dr. Karen Moriarty, author of the Michael Jackson biography, Defending A King ` His Life And Legacy. I have already read the same and you can read the review here.

So when Karen said she would love to discuss more about the book and how working on something so huge changed her in certain ways, I was only too happy to share the same here. Read on:

Debolina: A book on one of the biggest entertainers in the world - Michael Jackson - so, you must have been a huge fan?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Although I greatly admire Michael Jackson, I became a true 'fan' after his tragic death. I found myself mourning from a depth I had never known before. I describe the process of my mourning in the book: that was the impetus for the book itself. Yes, I am a huge fan!

Debolina: When the world was mourning the loss of MJ, did you feel the void too?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Yes, I was glued to the television for all coverage of MJ, and I started researching him and reading everything that I could about him. It was my way of dealing with the grief. I felt the loss so deeply and so personally that I could not understand or explain it. I mourned for him, his children, family, and the world community that suffered this loss in such a profound way. To this day, I feel a void. The world lost a great man....before he could complete the global humanitarian work that he had planned.

Debolina: What prompted you to write a book on MJ? Was there a definite moment when you decided you HAD to write it?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: I started out as the ghost-writer for for two of MJ's three Las Vegas bodyguards, who protected him on a 24/7 basis for nearly two years (2006-2008). We had a parting of the ways - which I describe fully in my book - but I was so emotionally invested in putting out a positive, caring book about MJ that I HAD to continue on my own. I was sitting at my kitchen table after my return from disappointing meetings with the bodyguards when a voice inside me said, 'You need to do this for MJ and his fans!' (These men have not published a book). I then contacted a number of people who knew MJ intimately and obtained a great deal of never-before published material, which I have been honored to include in Defending A King ` His Life And Legacy.

Debolina: Why the use of the word 'Defending' in the title? Wasn't it a bit too intense? Or did you actually decide that with this book, you would be defending MJ against the allegations he has faced throughout his life?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: 'Defending' was chosen in a very purposeful way. Yes, I intend(ed) to defend MJ in numerous ways - to vindicate him regarding the false charges that he faced a trial in 2005 and numerous allegations of 'bizarre' behaviour. I focus on his normalcy and goodness; therefore, this book is like none other, it is unique. A major theme is 'Bizarre behavior is normal in bizarre circumstances,' and I delve into the bizarre circumstances and herculean challenges MJ faced as the most famous man in the world and a victim of continuous media bullying and lies.

Debolina: When you began working on the book, did you ever feel bogged down by the sheer fact that you were about to write about one of the greatest entertainers in the world and you may not be able to do complete justice to it?
Dr. Karen Moriary: Actually, no. From the start, I believed that the wonderful stories about MJ that I heard from his bodyguards, defense attorney Thomas Mesereau, personal artist and father-figure David Nordahl, spiritual adviser and others who really got to know the real man would justify the book and make it special. Because my focus was always on his 'deserved' legacy, I had strong faith in the power of the material and in the specialness of MJ. What I learned about MJ was astounding to me....

Debolina: The media has always portrayed a 'wacko' side of MJ, whether it was true or not. Why did you choose to do something that shows him in a completely different way from what's worked so well for the media?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: As a life-long 'rescuer' - a psychologist and a lover of children and animals - I wrote this book because a book like it should have been published during MJ's lifetime, but it wasn't. It was too lucrative for the media to sensationalize and attack him; those are the stories that sold for millions of dollars across the years. I see this book as bringing justice to MJ....at long last. He deserves it and so do his fans, so many of whom have been longing for positive, truthful disclosure about him, his goodness, and his humanity.

Debolina: Your book clearly shows so much of MJ the human, rather than just MJ the entertainer. Were you afraid it may not go down that well with the readers, that it might not be that interesting to them, especially since it wasn't trying to show Michael in a controversy?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: I never lost sight of my target audience, Michael Jackson's fans and admirers. I knew in my heart that MJ fans would love the content of this book, the new information and the great stories about him from 'knowers.' Two chapters - of nineteen - include psychological analysis of him as a human being; it is truly unique, eye-opening material. He was such an interesting person - 'the paragon of paradox', which means that his personality and life incorporated such contradictory aspects. For example, Michael was black and white (at the same time!), rich and poor (at the same time0; he had masculine and feminine traits; and the list goes on and on. I have been told by many fans that they have enjoyed these parts of the book with a special level of interest.
 Although my target audience is MJ fans, I do believe that the book is of interest to to the general public as well. After all, it thoroughly describes and explains Michael Jackson, his life and loves, and all aspects of his personality - he was a global icon and he is a legend throughout the world.

Debolina: So many facts exposed, so many masks pulled off - did it ever occur to you that there may be people out there who might try to bring down your book, especially as it breaks a lot of myths that were created about MJ?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Yes, in fact there are people who have tried to bring down the book! The truths about MJ are too jarring and too surprising to many people who will not allow themselves to accept them! The book has been described by some as 'too positive.' I say, in response, it is about time! MJ broke a record by contributing $300 million to charity; never said an unkind word in public about his family members, the media who excoriated him, or his ex-wives; was a consummately loving father, brother, son; and a role model to millions of people around the globe. He was never convicted of any crime, and he was deeply loved and admired by the people who were fortunate enough to get to know him well. Their comments about him are exquisitely positive and compelling. I say 'Read this book with an open mind and it will open your eyes to Michael Jackson and his wonderful legacy....of love, hope, peace and unity.' His fans 'get that.'

Debolina: MJ in himself is a huge subject, talking about his entire life, his legacy, his children, the controversies surrounding him - how did you begin working on such a vast subject? How was the process of your research and interviews? Were people willing to talk?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: I started by deciding on the themes that should be included about MJ. Once I determined those, I knew where various stories and information should go in the book. With 19 chapters and themes, the content almost fell into place. I wrote to dozens of people to invite them to contribute their stories about MJ to this caring book about him, and the majority declined or ignored the request - which I had anticipated. However, those who accepted my invitation were the best! The first person to accept was Thomas Mesereau, MJ's defense attorney, who called me on a Sunday. From that day, he was so helpful and supportive; he has officially endorsed the book and we have become friends.

Debolina: When you began working on the details and as you got to know more of the person, did the facts ever shake you emotionally? How was your reaction as the truth began to get exposed?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: As I researched, interviewed, and wrote, I got more and more emotionally involved; I gained greater respect and admiration for MJ; and I often wept as I was typing at the computer. Some of the process was truly painful, and I couldn't turn off my feelings as I went about the rest of my life. Some of it was joyful too, however, and I kept thinking of the day when I would hear positive and heartwarming feedback from Michael's fans. That thought kept me motivated and even inspired. I knew that Michael would have loved this book about him; that awareness made me feel at peace.

Debolina: Did anyone ever try to stop you from carrying on with this book? Did people get hostile when you started digging around for facts?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Yes, a handful of people tried to stop me. There was some cyber-bullying that was upsetting. One individual tried to turn his Facebook followers against me. This was a painful situation, especially because the assault was based on a lie about me. My attorney has been very helpful, and I should say no more. I did receive some other hostile responses, and surprisingly, they were mostly from MJ fans, not the general public. I discovered that most MJ fans are loving, sensitive, good people, but there is a minority that is seemingly driven by anger and suspicion. I choose to focus on the hundreds of positive responses that I have received rather than the negative ones. Bottom line, I wrote this book for Michael Jackson, not to make money, but to advance his legacy and contribute something important.

Debolina: There are so many discoveries that one makes while reading this book, so many moments when you break down as a reader and as a fan of MJ. Any such moments for you?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Yes, there were many such moments for me! Especially when I heard very moving stories about MJ from Tom Mesereau, David Nordahl, and his bodyguards, I felt a series of strong emotions that included anger and sorrow. I felt such deep empathy for MJ, which continues on. I feel a strong, personal connection to him, and he has inspired me greatly.

Debolina: What was the personal reaction of most of the people whom you interviewed about MJ? Were their portrayals of MJ completely different from how you thought of him until now?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Most of the people I interviewed loved Michael and had felt very protective of him because he was such a gentle, sensitive and vulnerable soul. I was surprised at so much of the details that were shared with me and that I have included in the book. I kept thinking to myself, 'Who knew .......?' MJ was mysterious and fascinating. The real man was complex and had learned to cope with his challenging life and his burdens in ways that worked for him but sometimes looked strange to the outside world that got only the teeniest of glimpses into his life.

Debolina: While working on the book, did your own feelings towards MJ change? In what ways?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Yes, my feelings intensified as the weeks passed. I wrote seven days a week, sometimes 65 hours in a week; the book - and MJ - became my life. I have emerged as a different person after writing this book. It has been like a therapy for me. Among other reactions, I have become more sensitive to the suffering of others and very aware of the dichotomy between a person's public self and his/her private self. Many people, like MJ, carry the burden of private pain and suffering, often resulting from childhood trauma.

Debolina: How was the reaction of the media once you were ready with the book? Were people ready to publish the 'true' face of MJ, or did they want you to talk about some scandal, some gossip?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: The media nearly always want to hear the sensational, the negative, the provocative, especially about celebrities. During some of my interviews, the questions were provocative ones - actually predictable - but I tried to stay on course and reaffirmed the positive nature of my findings, my analysis and the book's contents.
I self-published this book so that I could control its direction and content, and this also helped in the marketing and advertising efforts. I had no one to answer but myself! I doubt that this book would have been published because it is a positive portrayal. I made no attempt to find a traditional publisher for the book, a decision that was reinforced when I discovered that a publicist had tried to promote a book about MJ by Tom Mesereau after the most-telecast trial in the world - MJ's criminal trial in 2005 - and was turned down by nine publishers...unless he would include some scandalous material about MJ..Mr Mesereau was appalled and chose not to pursue the possibility of a book any further. Perhaps his enthusiastic and generous support of my book is a happy outcome of that unpleasant, eye-opening experience for him.

Debolina: Was the entire process physically and emotionally draining for you?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Yes, I have still not recovered, and it is now six months from the date of publication. The reason for this continuing sense of exhaustion is due to full-time promotional activities and correspondence with fans and others who wrote to me; I get hundreds of emails every week; I respond to nearly all of them.

Debolina: Do you think this book is only for an MJ fan? Who would you typically say your reader would be?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: The vast majority of people who have read the book to date are MJ fans and admirers. However, some of the most gratifying feedback that I have received is from non-fans, who report that they learned so much and now have a revised viewpoint of MJ, a new admiration for him as a man, and sympathy for what he endured. To me, the skeptics and suspicious who have 'converted' after reading this book represents the most successful and significant outcomes of this unique book. MJ deserves this vindication, this celebration of who he was and what he did for our wold.

Debolina: What were your special moments while working on this book?
Dr. Karen Moriarty: Among my special moments were meeting Tom Mesereau and spending hours with him while he recounted his memories of MJ and shared his unique perceptions of Michael, his client, who became a friend and an inspiration to him. Interviewing David Nordahl, who was MJ's personal artist, mentor, friend and father figure for more than two decades, was thrilling: he 'painted a verbal portrait' of MJ that was so intimate and special. Learning about MJ's very private and mysterious life during his last four years, such as from his 24/7 bodyguards in Las Vegas, was a peak experience of my lifetime. I never expected to be able to learn so much about Michael Jackson, who was a complete mystery to me when I began writing. By the time I finished, I felt like I really knew the man; I have come to feel a spiritual connection with him. There is not a day that goes by that my behaviour does not reflect his influence upon me. I describe the ways that I have been affected in this book. As examples, I do volunteer work, study meditation, perform a charitable act at least daily, seek out people in need, and try to do random acts of kindness. MJ was all about love, as those who really knew him will affirm. The more he was attacked by media and ill-intentioned others, the more he turned to love. What better lesson for us all than that?

How To Get Your Copy of Defending A King` His Life And Legacy by Dr. Karen Moriarty:

The book is available as a paperback and as an e-book (for Kindle, NOOK, Sony Reader and Kobo). It can be ordered from online from

Dr. Karen Moriarty also occasionally hands out autographed copies, though on a limited basis. For complete information, please visit www.defendingaking.com

You can find more information and show your support by liking their FaceBook Page. 

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Britney Inside The Dream, The Biography by Steve Dennis: Review

I have always been a huge fan of Britney Spears, ever since her first hit single 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' came out. But though I am fascinated with biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, I had never read any book on Britney (I realised this only now!). So when I saw a copy of Britney Inside The Dream, A Biography by Steve Dennis, I scanned through the first few pages and immediately knew that I wanted to read all of it.

Details About The Book:
Title: Britney Inside The Dream, A Biography
Genre: Biography
Author: Steve Dennis
Publishers: Harper Collins
Book Type: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 402

The book begins with a detailed look into Britney's hometown, Kentwood. As the author travels to the small town where Britney grew up with her family among a closely-knit social circle, the readeer gets a glimpse into the world that was Britney's as she was growing up. There is a detailed description of the place and its people, and the beliefs they have, and this actually helps in a better understanding of Britney as a person, and not just as a celebrity.

While most articles or news pieces I have read about Britney have only always been based around her performances and the many 'problems' she has faced, this is the first time I read about Britney the little girl, suddenly growing up into this child-woman who has been forced to lead this life of a 'celebrity', what with her success that came at a very young age. While many will argue or say that this was what Britney or her family had always wanted, that is not entirely true. If you read the book, you will understand the psyche of Britney and her family, the simple-mindedness of these people who originally come from very humble and middle-class backgrounds, and success for them was a completely different concept, not what it really turned out to be.

For Britney, her passion had always been singing and dancing. And it was in order to take this passion to a newer level that she tried her luck at the hugely-popular Mouseketeer audition. It is heart-warming to read about a shy and timid Britney being taken through the rounds of audition. And her natural talent shining the moment she would be on stage. Ever since she was a child, Britney had deep faith in God, so much so that she had a prayer diary, in which she used to write out her prayers each night before going to bed. Britney firmly believed that there was a God up there watching her, and that she could tell him all she wanted, and he would protect her. She was also of the belief that adults would always have her best interests in mind, and that she should always listen to her elders and respect them. This belief never really left her, as she continued to do what she was told, whether during her performances, during her rehearsals, or her many commercials and shoots. Even as the world was labeling her as this teenager who was trying hard to look all 'grown up' and seduce, and projecting this on-screen image on her 'real' self, in reality, Britney found it increasingly hard to understand why people couldn't differentiate between 'performance' and 'reality.'

Britney never really believed in promoting herself, her idea being that her performances would speak for themselves. She also did not believe in talking to the media and agreeing or disagreeing to what was being written or said about her. As much as I have loved Britney and the music she makes, it was heart-rending to see the media constantly harass this girl, this young woman, this heartbroken lover, this new bride, this young mother, and then the young single mother with two sons, and a divorcee. The constant media glare in her life and everything she did was a sad repeat of how the media and paparazzi can make even a 'normal' person into an aberration, something which they otherwise are not.

The disastrous 2007 comeback performance 

The comeback performance of 2007 was one that was going to bring Britney back into the limelight, in a way she was used to being, as the best performer ever. And her dedication till before the performance was nothing short of a 100%. The owner of Millennium, where she would practice her rehearsals, said that in late 2007, Britney would come in with no makeup and slip quietly into the back of the class, taking regular dance classes just like the other students. The students just couldn't believe it and kept asking each other 'is that really Britney?' Britney knew how important this concert was for her. After going through a shattering breakup, going through a messy divorce and being labelled a 'bad' mother, going through custody battles, the head-shaving incident, rehab and many other such 'incidents', she knew she had what it takes to be the best, and she wanted to prove it to the world all over again.

Britney with the awards after her 2008 comeback
Though the 2007 comeback performance ended in disaster, her comeback in 2008 was for all to see, with Britney sweeping away most of the awards.

It takes merely a few minutes to label someone, to judge a person, but what most people do not understand is that this constant criticism without really understanding any of the background or knowing what really happened, can hurt someone to an extent that we may not fully comprehend. Britney is what she is, she is still very much a young girl at heart, a girl looking for love, waiting to be loved, not judged, a girl who doesn't want to live her like a robot, but who wants friends to love her, to appreciate her, and most of all, she wants to be the simple Britney that she always was, and to just perform the way she loves, without the pressure of constantly having to prove herself.

Like she said in one of her interviews when asked that she seemed lonely: 'You know what. I am the loneliest person in the world.'    

My only disappointment with this book is that it doesn't have more personal and real pictures. All pictures are regular pictures of her performances and other media pictures that we have seen countless times, so there is nothing new in that at all.

I give this book 05 hearts. An awesome read. A MUST-READ!

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Monday, June 18, 2012

First Page Mondays: My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani

Hi friends,

As part of the First Page Mondays here at The Book Worm, here's the extract from the book 'My Feudal Lord' by Tehmina Durrani. Enjoy!

 'My pale-green chiffon sari rustled softly as I moved, and my braided plait of auburn hair fell all the way to my knees. Around my neck a row of diamonds matched my earrings. As I checked my appearance in a  full-length mirror my face flushed with self-conscious pleasure.

 It was spring 1974, in Lahore, the second-largest city of Pakistan. The reception was being held in the main hall of the Punjab Club. Summoned by the honorary consul of Spain, Lahore's beautiful people were celebrating Spain's National Day. My uncle had invited my husband Anees and me to accompany him. Having arrived in Lahore only the week before, it was our first opportunity to meet the city's elite. Anees felt flattered and pleased to be included. He was only a junior executive in the State-owned National Shipping Corporation - these were people he felt he should know. As for me - could any sense of foreboding have told me that I was about to have the most crucial meeting of my life?

 Anees wandered off on his own, making contacts, and I was suddenly alone - a twenty-one-year-old woman feeling very self-conscious among this older crowd, who seemed so self-assured. Around me, in the spacious halls and shaded patios of the Punjab Club, I could sense the atmosphere of the British Raj that had ended twenty-seven years earlier with independence and the splitting up of British India. into two separate states. This was Pakistan, my country; beyond the border-crossing just outside Lahore lay India, our overpowering neighbour. Sharing, to a large extent, a common heritage of culture,.....'

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: This Mother's Life by Nina Mohadjer

I'm currently reading this book called 'This Mother's Life' by Nina Mohadjer. *This is a review copy and not a paid copy.

 'January 7, 2006.

 I had to take the girls to the mall. The post-Christmas and New Year sales just can't be missed. They had some very cute sweaters at Abercrombie.

 Then we went to get some shoes. I still can't believe my girls' feet are bigger than mine. For lunch I got some sandwiches at Subway, which I hadn't had in a long time. I also just love to see how these people try not to get confused as you tell them all the things you want and don't want for three different sandwiches. I wouldn't have the patience for that, and more importantly, I would put the wrong things on each sandwich. What a picture!

 Amir wanted to go to the movies, but I was too tired from the shopping spree. The girls went with him. I don't think he included me in his invitation anyway. "So, girls, who wants to go to the movies Daddy?" I mean what kind of question is that. Hello. "I'm not your girl, and my daddy is in France."

 So I had a relaxing evening at home. I did not have to go to the office this weekend after all, since I was able to get most of the work done on Friday. The rest can be finished on Monday and finally I can breath again.'

 - Debolina Raja Gupta

Monday, June 4, 2012

First Page Mondays: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey

Here's the first page from a highly-acclaimed book, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey. 

  'They're out there.

 Black boys in white suits up before me to commit sex acts in the hall and get it mopped up before I can catch them.

 They're mopping when I come out the dorm, all three of them sulky and hating everything, the time of day, the place they're at here, the people they go to work around. When they hate like this, better if they don't see me. I creep along the wall quiet as dust in my canvas shoes, but they got special sensitive equipment detects my fear and they all look up, all three at once, eyes glittering out of the black faces like the hard glitter of radio tubes out of the back of an old radio.

 ''Here's the Chief. The soo-pah Chief, fellas. Ol' Chief Broom. Here you go, Chief Broom....."

 Stick a mop in my hand and motion to the spot they aim for me to clean today, and I go. One swats the back of my legs with a broom handle to hurry me past.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult

Sorry friends, haven't been keeping well of late and missed out yet again on my Sunday sneak peek. The reading still continues, of course! So here we go....Right now, I am reading this interesting book by Jodi Picoult called 'Keeping Faith.' Normally, I wouldn't have gone for a book like this, but since I loved her plot and originality in an earlier book I read by her, My Sister's Keeper, I decided I would go for this one too. And I am glad I did. So read on....

 'Mariah nods, blushes. Setting the sheets on the dresser, she heads for the door. 'I'll give you two some privacy.'

 'Really, it's fine if -'

 'No.' Mariah interrupts. 'It's all right.' And she leaves, trailing the faint scent of citrus perfume.

 Kenzie's last case involved a nine-year-old girl who lived with her grandparents because her mother had abandoned her. They were a couple that went to church every Sunday and made sure she had nice clothes for school and a hot breakfast each morning. And roughly once a week the little girl would wake up in the middle of the night to find her grandfather raping her. He told her if she said a word to anyone, she'd be out on the street.

 This is running through her mind as she pulls onto the highway, heading away from the Whites' house. Although there is no proof that this new case of hers is anything like the last one, there are resonances that Kenzie cannot put from her mind.

 There is something being hidden here. It's written all over Mariah White: it's why she makes it a point not to be in the same room as Kenzie for longer than five minutes. Sighing, Kenzie pulls down the visor to block the sinking sun. Maybe it's embarrassment over the institutionalization. Maybe it's only what Colin White told her - that Mariah intentionally went into hiding to avoid prosecution. But then, why would she have come back? And could there be more to it than that?

 In her two sessions with Faith, Kenzie has the sense that the child would prefer to stay with her mother. But she doesn't know if that's because she dislikes Jessica White or because Mariah has blackmailed her into staying.

 On the other hand, maybe Mariah White left New Canaan ignorant of Colin's plans to change custody. Maybe she was fleeing in the best interests of her child. There has been no hint from any medical personnel she's interviewed that Mariah White is a possible catalyst for any of Faith's physical or psychological problems. Maybe Faith is just a little girl with a particularly overactive imagination.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta