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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Reading And Reading More

Hey my lovely buddies, hope you've got time to do your share of reading. Well, for me, the last few days saw a lot of reading, though work and home kept me away from my books longer than I like.

I always carry at least two books in my bag, even when Im going a short distance, so its never a problem if I have a little bit time in hand and nothing to do - I always have a book to read !

Only yesterday I was at the salon and by the time my hair was done, I had already finished a book that I had begun reading there. Oh, before you think much, it wasn't a very thick book, so was easy.

 With so many sales going on everywhere, I've been picking up books right, left, center - with no more place to stack them! I've really used up my entire big bookshelf and even the smaller bookshelves, used them up in every possible way, using up each possible inch of space! Now really don't know how to store them..I guess I'll wait for a furniture sale now ;-)

 Yes, and even while Im juggling a few things, like work, home, being fashion conscious and all those wonderful things that we get to do as women, I'm almost always still hanging out and about with my book...

It's been raining here for the past few weeks, the entire last month and a half to be precise, and it's really gorgeous weather, what with clouds and cool breeze and mist all around. And I'm making the most of this weather, with my reading and my cups of tea.

 So....till I come back again and talk about another book, happy reading my friends!

- Debolina Raja Gupta