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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On The Cover: Becoming British The Making of Mr. Hai's Daughter by Yasmin Hai

Author - Yasmin Hai

Here's what's on the cover of the book 'The Making Of Mr. Hai's Daughter' by Yasmin Hai.

'An unbelievably funny and passionate autobiography' - Spectator

'In this touching memoir, the pivotal tension between intent and reality is conveyed with grace and humour. At long last, we have a young British Muslim woman writing about her life....The book is a gem' - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Mail on Sunday

Mr. Hai has arrived in London in 1964. But while becoming British via a passport had been relatively easy, becoming English was something to be studied- and then passed on to his wife and children. No speaking Urdu, no long plaits, no salwar kameezes, and definitely no religion. But for Mr. Hai's first-born daughter, Yasmin, being a second-generation British Asian was not quite so simple...especially as the Muslim community was about to go through some very profound challenges.

 'Ebullient and sharply humourous about the conflicts and confusions of growing up and adapting to a country (and a family) in a constant state of political flux, and often, social fantasy. Hai's personality is as engaging as her insights are illuminating.' - Ian Finlayson, The Times

 '(This) affectionate, sometimes sad......but always funny portrait of growing up in Wembley convinces me that it is entirely possible to be a Muslim and British. It is a book I cannot recommend too strongly...a tale told with such sharp observation and good humour.' - Eastern Eye

- Debolina Raja Gupta