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Monday, July 16, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Sunday: The Making Of Mr. Hai's Daughter by Yasmin Hai

Sorry friends, got late again! Was out over the weekend for work and didn't really get down to blogging after that, preferred the zzzzzzz land...

So here's the page from the book 'Becoming British: The Making of Mr Hai's Daughter' by Yasmin Hai. It's a fun read, so enjoy!

'.....why was college-educated Afshan, who should have known better, coming down on the side of the protestors?

 "You know they portray the Prophet to be some kind of pimp!" said Parveen, bolstered by Afshan's support.

 'But you haven't read it!' I replied, still reeling from what Afshan had just said.

 'You don't have to,' Afshan cut in again, slamming her hands on the bedside table. 'It's a sin. Full stop.'

 Even though I was still at university, I was spending more time in London. In fact, I might be living in Manchester, home to the hacienda, and iconic bands like the Stone Roses, where my roommate's brother was managing the Happy Mondays and one of my neighbours was the legendary Peter Hook from New Order, but all this went straight over my head. Instead, most weekends I could be found back in London, standing next to the biggest speakers at the Dub Club in Tufnell Park, bobbing away to roots reggae.

 Something truly amazing was happening in London.

 You could just sense it as you walked down Portobello Road or round Wembley, areas with a big black or Asian population. The confident gait of the young people and the assured eye contact we would make with each other as we crossed paths was a reminder that we - the children of immigrants - were finally coming of age. And that 'being different' was something we were going to revel in.

 After all those years of searching for like-minded people, who understood the complexities of living between worlds, I was finally finding them.

 For the first time in ages, I noticed that heavy feeling in my heart starting to lift. My confidence grew and with it my love life. I began seeing Jay, my old friend from the north London......'
- Debolina Raja Gupta

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