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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lily My Lovely by Lena Kennedy - Review

I picked up this quite old and thumbed down 4/5th hand edition of this book called 'Lily My Lovely' by Lena Kennedy. I'd never heard of this one before, but there was something quite captivating about the look and feel of the book that I wanted to take back home with me.

To let you know, this IS quite an old book, published in 1985 to be precise.

Here's a little insight into the story:

Set in the time of the World War II, the story essentially revolves around Lily, a naive small-town girl in London. Full of life and a zeal to live each day with as much spirit and fun as she can, she soon finds herself in the middle of loneliness and desperation as her new husband and love goes off to fight for the country. As Lily makes use of this time to hang around with her girl friends and do some community work, she meets a charming young man named Kasie, who soon falls for Lily's exuberance, innocence and fresh appeal to life.

Kasie's love and romance soon makes Lily yearn for him, even as she tries to stay beside her husband, who returns after being permanently injured and mentally harmed in the war. As Lily desperately tries to play along with the tug-of-war going on in her heart and head, life gets more and more complicated. Following your head and going to the one you love, or staying along with a commitment you made - that's what the story essentially spins through, even as more characters are introduced and twists interjected.

What I thought:

The book is definitely worth a read. If anything, it's one of those cosy books that makes you want to curl up in bed, sipping on a cup of tea and doing nothing but getting lost inside the story that spins in front of your eyes. The author Lena Kennedy gets full credit for creating characters that stay on with you for quite some time even after you have finished reading. Also, the characters are strong enough to make you want to read on and on, till you have finished.

There's not really much I can tell you here about the book, as it may give out more information than I want, which will then kill the suspense and the twists. So let's not talk much here, it should suffice to say that this book is indeed one of my favourites, and I would definitely recommend it to those who love the old-world charm.

My Hearts: I give this book 5 hearts AWESOME

- Debolina Raja Gupta