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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dilly Dallying Books

The last few days, actually weeks, have been extremely hectic. Whether its work, freelance assignments, my daughter's social and school life and the many year-end annual performances she's a part of, and me trying to squeeze in some time and arrange the new home where we shifted barely a month back, it's going away pretty much in a blur now!

I generally pride myself in being a fast and voracious reader, and truly, I need to read to be able to feel complete, and that's something I've been missing out on these past few days and weeks!  Just not getting the time!!

There are so many books on my book list right now, books that I have with me and am dying to read.....such a difficult situation for someone like me!!!! Huffff......

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Monday, February 25, 2013

Separate Beds by Elizabeth Buchanan: First Page Mondays

The cover looked quite interesting, so I picked it up couple weeks back...Here's a look at what's on the first page.....the book is Separate Beds by Elizabeth Buchanan...

Zosia said to Annie, 'I'm glad you got home before I left.'

 Annie dumped a whole lot of Christmas shopping on the table and ran her fingers through her hair. Bad-hair day. Very bad-hair day. 'So am I. Are you in a hurry? Would you like a glass of wine?'

 There were just the two of them in the kitchen and the house was quiet and dark. Zosia always turned the lights off as she worked through the rooms. When Annie commented on this thrift, she had replied, 'We must not waste,' for the deprivations of Zosia's upbringing were lodged deep in her.

 Annie retrieved a half-drunk bottle of excellent claret left over from the previous evening and gave her a glass. 

 Zosia took a mouthful and leaned back in the chair. 'Very nice, Annie.'

Saturday, February 23, 2013

If Only by Geri Halliwell: On The Cover

So I was browsing through a local bookstore that also has a maaaaassssive collection of old books in the form of old used books...so you can get anything from a second-hand book to a five-hand or more book, but always in perfect condition.....

The book I absolutely had to pick up was If Only by Geri Halliwell. I have always been a fan of the Spice Girls and absolutely loved their songs when I was growing up...so I had to pick it up...Plus the fact that I love bios, especially of the entertainment industry kinds, and the cover jacket was just too tempting.....Have a look....The best part about this deal for me? While this is available online for INR 642 in paperback, I picked it for only INR 25!!!! I can't even call this a steal!!!!

So now, without any further delay, here's the cover jacket...

 'Compulsory reading for every wannabe.' Mail on Sunday

 Like many starstruck girls, Geri Halliwell grew up with one ambition. She wanted to be famous. She had the determination to succeed. If only she could get just one lucky break, one chance, she'd prove to all the doubters that she could make it - and make it BIG.

 But as Geri discovered, the road to fame can be a very rocky one. Often broke and lonely, her life became an endless round of failed auditions and dead-end jobs. Then one day she answered an ad in The Stage. Someone was looking to form an all-girl band. The rest is history.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath: On The Cover

Aaahhh....so I recently read a bit about this book in the papers, the columnist was discussing about a certain genre of writers and that is how she came to mention Sylvia Plath. The book is 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath. I was so intrigued by the description of the book and the author that I knew I had to read it. And the fact that my birthday is just round the corner kind of helped, as I could feel a little less guilty about giving myself a book treat. (For those of you who may have read one of my earlier posts, I am on a kind of book-buying ban right now, from my end as well as from my harried hubby, as I end up spending way way too much on books, plus now I really need to find new places to keep them!)

First lets see what the cover jacket says about the book.....

'Sylvia Plath
The Bell Jar

 'A near-perfect work of art.' Joyce Carol Oates

 'A girl lives in an out-of-the-way town for nineteen years, so poor she can't afford a magazine and then she gets a scholarship to college and wins a prize here and there and ends up steering New York like her own private car. Only I wasn't steering anything. Not even myself.'

 Working in New York one hot summer, Esther Greenwood is on the brink of her future. Yet she is also on the edge of a darkness that makes her world increasingly unreal. In this vivid and unforgettable novel about struggles of growing up, Esther's world shines through: the wide-eyed country girls, her crazed men-friends, hot dinner dances and nights in New York, and a slow slide into breakdown.

'Sylvia Plath's attention has the quality of ruthlessness.....imagery and rhetoric is disciplined by an unknown intelligence.' Observer

I got my copy online from Flipkart and it came for INR 610 in paperback....

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Monday, February 18, 2013

If Only by Geri Halliwell: First Page Mondays

Last week I ended up picking up this book at a local bookstore. I've always been a fan of the Spic Girls and found 'Ginger Spice' Geri quite cute! So it was obvious that I was drawn to pick this one up....

I'll share two first pages here...one from the Prologue and one from the First Chapter.

Los Angeles, 6 August 1998

 Maybe I should start my story here, lying beside a swimming pool in Beverly Hills on my twenty-sixth birthday, watching a spectacular sunset through the smog. Between my toes, past the tangled hedge, I can look across Coldwater Canyon at hundreds of sprinklers revolving on perfectly manicured lawns beneath the palm trees.

 Winona lives down there somewhere, in a pastel-coloured stone-cladded mansion. Woody and Roseane are there, too. You can get a movie-star map down the road for $3.50 from a guy who wears a pistachio-green baseball cap and has a mobile souvenir stand in the boot of his Cadillac. I should buy one so I can tell mum about the neighbours.

 The police blocked off Sunset Boulevard for twenty minutes last week because President Clinton was in town for a Democratic fundraiser. There were secret servicemen on every corner, and the traffic lights were set to green so the motorcade could sweep through without stopping....'

Monday, February 11, 2013

Author Interview With Dee Williams

I was looking around the web for author Dee Williams and came across this interesting interview. I love knowing a bit more about authors whose book I have read or am reading and have liked, so I'm sharing this interview here with you all, hope you like it too :-)

I found this on the blog Romantic Novelists' Association Blog. The interview was conducted by Freda Lightfoot and Kate Jackson and the author is a friend.

Author Dee Williams was born and bred in Rotherhithe, south-east London, where her father worked as a stevedore in Surrey Docks. Having left school at 14 to become a hair dresser's apprentice, she claims her father accused her of not not being able to spell. 

Q: Tell us how you sold your first book  and if you had any rejections before getting that exciting call?
A: I have been very lucky. I have never had any rejections. I sent my very first m/s to Headline and after a couple of rejigs it was accepted.

Q: Where is your favourite place to work?
A: My study, it overlooks my lovely garden. When we first moved here after returning from Spain we had an extension added so it was purpose built.

Q: What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?
A: The middle. I'm full of enthusiasm at the beginning as I know where the story's going and how I want it to end, but sometimes I feel the middle lacks a bit of get up and go, so I throw another problem at my heroine or bring in another character. This must all tie up with the story and all be resolved properly at the end.

Sunshine After Rain by Dee Williams: First Page Mondays

Happened to pick up this cosy book over the weekend and already about to finish....Here's the first page from the book 'Sunshine After Rain' by author Dee Williams.

'February 1912

'CONSTANCE. GO TO your room at once and take that ridiculous thing off.'

Jenny cringed. Her father was furious with her older sister. Their parents only called them by their full names when they very angry.

Connie stormed out of the room. Jenny went to follow, but her father barked, 'Jennifer! Sit down.'

Jenny immediately did as she was told.

'Now, young lady, what's all this about? Have you taken leave of your senses like your sister?'

 Jenny shook her head. She would have liked to have added, I'm not considered old enough, but if she told him what was on her mind regarding votes for women, it would really stir things up. She believed women should have the vote as strongly as her sister did, but......'

The book was published in 2005.

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Book Worm Legacy Continues

Being a born book worm myself, what could have better for me than seeing the legacy passed on? Yes, that moment has finally arrived when I can proudly announce that much as my friends have forever known of me as the book worm, now my 5-year-old daughter too is following in the footsteps, and has already taken her initiation to the world of reading books, on her own!!!
(this image is for representation purpose only)

While me and hubby were the ones reading out to her all her favourite books the whole time, the day recently came when she surprised me by starting to confidently read on her own, starting from her books to her activity sheets to what she saw on the telly to even labels on bottles and all!

Of course I'm the happiest, but if there is anyone else who is happier than me, its my mum! After all, she is the one who introduced me to the wonder world of books and to the magic of reading..

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Stalker by Mack Tanner: First Page Mondays

Am reading this book called 'The Stalker' by author Mack Tanner in the middle of reading a few other books. This is a quick read, especially so coz its about a serial killer and is quite interesting. So here's the first page from the book....enjoy!


THERE WAS NO REASON WHY SHE HAD TO BE THERE before they removed the body and Gomez knew it. All she was supposed to do was take possession of the dead man's passport, inventory the effects, and hold them until the family told her where to send them. Captain Gomez could have easily waited until the scene was cleaned up, then invited her in. Instead, he had called the Embassy and insisted she come immediately to the Fortunata Hotel. The sadistic, chauvinist bastard hadn't given her a hint about what she was going to see either. She had been expecting someone who had died in their sleep, lying on a bed.

 The door to the hotel room was open when she arrived, the room filled with uniformed policemen and investigators dressed in civies. Gomez saw her come in and invited her immediately into the bathroom, then stood there watching, waiting for her reaction. He didn't get the reaction he was hoping for.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta