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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunshine After Rain by Dee Williams: First Page Mondays

Happened to pick up this cosy book over the weekend and already about to finish....Here's the first page from the book 'Sunshine After Rain' by author Dee Williams.

'February 1912

'CONSTANCE. GO TO your room at once and take that ridiculous thing off.'

Jenny cringed. Her father was furious with her older sister. Their parents only called them by their full names when they very angry.

Connie stormed out of the room. Jenny went to follow, but her father barked, 'Jennifer! Sit down.'

Jenny immediately did as she was told.

'Now, young lady, what's all this about? Have you taken leave of your senses like your sister?'

 Jenny shook her head. She would have liked to have added, I'm not considered old enough, but if she told him what was on her mind regarding votes for women, it would really stir things up. She believed women should have the vote as strongly as her sister did, but......'

The book was published in 2005.

- Debolina Raja Gupta