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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath: On The Cover

Aaahhh....so I recently read a bit about this book in the papers, the columnist was discussing about a certain genre of writers and that is how she came to mention Sylvia Plath. The book is 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath. I was so intrigued by the description of the book and the author that I knew I had to read it. And the fact that my birthday is just round the corner kind of helped, as I could feel a little less guilty about giving myself a book treat. (For those of you who may have read one of my earlier posts, I am on a kind of book-buying ban right now, from my end as well as from my harried hubby, as I end up spending way way too much on books, plus now I really need to find new places to keep them!)

First lets see what the cover jacket says about the book.....

'Sylvia Plath
The Bell Jar

 'A near-perfect work of art.' Joyce Carol Oates

 'A girl lives in an out-of-the-way town for nineteen years, so poor she can't afford a magazine and then she gets a scholarship to college and wins a prize here and there and ends up steering New York like her own private car. Only I wasn't steering anything. Not even myself.'

 Working in New York one hot summer, Esther Greenwood is on the brink of her future. Yet she is also on the edge of a darkness that makes her world increasingly unreal. In this vivid and unforgettable novel about struggles of growing up, Esther's world shines through: the wide-eyed country girls, her crazed men-friends, hot dinner dances and nights in New York, and a slow slide into breakdown.

'Sylvia Plath's attention has the quality of ruthlessness.....imagery and rhetoric is disciplined by an unknown intelligence.' Observer

I got my copy online from Flipkart and it came for INR 610 in paperback....

- Debolina Raja Gupta