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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Book Worm Legacy Continues

Being a born book worm myself, what could have better for me than seeing the legacy passed on? Yes, that moment has finally arrived when I can proudly announce that much as my friends have forever known of me as the book worm, now my 5-year-old daughter too is following in the footsteps, and has already taken her initiation to the world of reading books, on her own!!!
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While me and hubby were the ones reading out to her all her favourite books the whole time, the day recently came when she surprised me by starting to confidently read on her own, starting from her books to her activity sheets to what she saw on the telly to even labels on bottles and all!

Of course I'm the happiest, but if there is anyone else who is happier than me, its my mum! After all, she is the one who introduced me to the wonder world of books and to the magic of reading..

I'm one of those who can never leave home without a book or two in my tote, so much so that even if I am going to nearby mall for a quick trip, there's always a couple of books along ( (you never know when you have to sit on your own and that’s when you need a book, right??!) - yeah, I'm that kind of a jerk, no apologies !! :-)

My daughter and I have spent many moments huddled over books, going through the brightly coloured alphabets and shapes and objects and by the time she was a few months past her first birthday, she was able to recognise all the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

As a mother and daughter team, we both have spent countless hours sitting at the bookstores, and there have been many times when the staff has politely asked us to leave, as it was already past their closing time! We would look back surprised, wondering how did we end up spending so many hours there without even realising.
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So finally now that stage has come when my daughter has turned from a book lover to a book reader. The tell-tale sign of a real book-worm has also crept in - she has started sitting at the dining table with 2-3 books in hand, and quite weirdly and yet interestingly, I can picture myself sitting at home with my parents and brother, reading a book while taking bites in between, even as my ma would urge me to stop and eat.

It's quite fun, oh yes it is....and this book worm is enjoying every moment of seeing the new book worm grow and develop :-) 

- Debolina Raja Gupta