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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Stalker by Mack Tanner: First Page Mondays

Am reading this book called 'The Stalker' by author Mack Tanner in the middle of reading a few other books. This is a quick read, especially so coz its about a serial killer and is quite interesting. So here's the first page from the book....enjoy!


THERE WAS NO REASON WHY SHE HAD TO BE THERE before they removed the body and Gomez knew it. All she was supposed to do was take possession of the dead man's passport, inventory the effects, and hold them until the family told her where to send them. Captain Gomez could have easily waited until the scene was cleaned up, then invited her in. Instead, he had called the Embassy and insisted she come immediately to the Fortunata Hotel. The sadistic, chauvinist bastard hadn't given her a hint about what she was going to see either. She had been expecting someone who had died in their sleep, lying on a bed.

 The door to the hotel room was open when she arrived, the room filled with uniformed policemen and investigators dressed in civies. Gomez saw her come in and invited her immediately into the bathroom, then stood there watching, waiting for her reaction. He didn't get the reaction he was hoping for.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta