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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Mother's Love by Rosie Harris: On The Cover

Recently picked up a lovely book called A Mother's Love by Rosie Harris. The cover read really interesting, let's hope the book is as good too!

'When the truth lies buried in the past......

She disobeyed her family, and paid the price.....

Finding herself pregnant, Julia Winter is forced to leave home rather than bring shame on her family. Reduced to living in the slums of Liverpool, she eventually finds work in a respectable hotel where Eunice Hawkins, the manager's wife, is also expecting. For a while, Julia dares to hope for a better future for herself and her unborn child. But soon tragedy strikes - Julia's baby is stillborn at the same time as Eunice gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Amanda.

 Although heartbroken at the death of her own baby, Julia helps to look after Amanda. However, Paul and Eunice Hawkins hide a secret too terrible to reveal and it is only their deaths and teenage Amanda's sudden disappearance that Julia learns the truth. And just when she might have a chance of happiness at last, she is faced with the hardest decision of all........'

- Debolina Raja Gupta