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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Mother's Love by Rosie Harris: First Page Mondays

Recently I picked up this lovely book titled A Mother's Love by Rosie Harris. One of the first things that pulled me to the book was the beautiful cover - a mother holding a little nappy-clad baby in her arms. As I read the cover jacket, I knew I had to read it. You can read the cover jacket here. Below is the first page of the book..Enjoy!

 'Julia Winter stood transfixed; her turquoise-blue eyes wide with surprise, completely mesmerised by the reaction registered on the faces of her parents in response to her simple statement, 'We want to get married.'

 She had thought they might make some sort of protest, probably try to walk her out of it even, especially since Bernard was due to go the Front any day now, but she hadn't expected either of them to look so shocked and outraged, especially since it was 1915 and the War had been going on for over a year. After all, she was the eldest daughter, and so it was surely expected that she would get married someday soon.

 Apprehensively, she linked hands with her cousin, Bernard Winter, who was standing soldier-straight at her side, and looking very handsome in his officer's uniform.

 The silence in the room, broken only by the stentorian ticking of the grandfather clock, seemed to last for ever.

 Julia bit hard on the inside of her cheek as the panic that had begun to build up inside her became an ache deep in her chest. She felt.......'

- Debolina Raja Gupta