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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paradise by Toni Morrison: Sneaky Peeky Sundays

As always, I'm blown away by the work of Toni Morrison...I have read 2 of her works before, and this is the third, and as expected, the magic, continues and intensifies.....!!!! If you haven't read Paradise by Toni Morrison, you definitely got to read it !!!!!

Here's the page from the book I am right now on.....

...for sacks of raisins. Invariably they picked up a little something more from the shelves.

 The contentment she drew from Richard's fire made her smile. But she couldn't be a minister's wife. Never. Could she? Well, he had not asked her to be one - so enjoy the stove heat, the nape of his neck and the invisible presence of kittens.

 After a while, a station wagon drove up and parked so close to the store, both Misner and Anna could see the fever in the baby's blue eyes. The mother held the child over her shoulder and stroked its yellow hair. The driver, a city-dressed man in his forties, got out and pushed open Anna's door.

 'How you all doing?' he smiled.

 'Fine, and you?'

 'Look like I'm lost. Been trying to find eighteen west for more'n an hour.' He looked at Misner and grinned an apology for having violated the male role of never asking for directions. 'Wife made me stop. Said she'd had it.'

 'It's a ways back the way you come from,' said Misner, looking at the Arkansas plate, 'but I can't tell you how to find it.'

 ''Preciate it. 'Preciate it,' said the man. 'Don't expect there's a doctor around here, is there?'

 'Not around these parts. You have to get to Demby for that.'

 'What's wrong with the baby?' Anna asked.

 'Sort of pukey. Hot too. We're fairly supplied, but who'd pack aspirin or cough medicine on a little old trip like this? Can't think of every damn thing, can you? Jesus.'

 'Your baby coughing? I don't believe you need cough medicine.' Anna squinted through the window. 'Ask your wife to come in out the cold.'

 'Drugstore'll have aspirin,' said Misner.

 'I didn't see no drugstore. Where 'bouts is it?'

 'You passed it, but it doesn't look like a drugstore - looks like a regular house.'

 'How am I going to find it then? Houses round here don't seem have numbers.'

- Debolina Raja Gupta