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Monday, April 29, 2013

White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth Century India by William Dalrymple: First Page Mondays

An amazing writer, storyteller, historian and master spinner of word, no wonder this is one of my favourite books! Here's the first page from White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth Century India by William Dalrymple

On 7 NOVEMBER 1801, under conditions of the greatest secrecy, two figures were discreetly admitted to the gardens of Government House in Madras.

 Outside, amid clouds of dust, squadrons of red-coated sepoys tramped along the hot, broad military road which led from the coast towards the cantonments at St Thomas' Mount. Waiting in the shade of the gates, shoals of hawkers circled around the crowds of petitioners and groups of onlookers who always collect in such places in India, besieging them with trays full of rice cakes and bananas, sweetmeats, oranges and paan.

 Inside the gates, beyond the sentries, lay another world: seventy-five acres of green tropical parkland

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Out of The Shadows And Into The Darkness by Senta Holland: Review Quotes

Harper Collins has just come out with a new Erotica called Out of The Shadows And Into The Darkness by Senta Holland.

So here's a look at what the international reviewers are saying about the book:

"Senta Holland, one of the new wave of erotic writers from heavyweight publisher HarperCollins..."

“Senta Holland: ‘As a writer from the next generation [of erotic novelists], I feel that it is time to step out and step up. I feel it is time for a new sexual revolution.’ - Marie Claire Magazine, UK

"Written in a fast-flowing staccato voice, this book delivers on all counts. A fresh and intimate picture of a quest for, and enjoyment of, BDSM as a sexuality. From jungles to urban landscapes, it challenges our capacity to fantasize and imagine and has us melting with delight." "No holds barred erotica....depictions of heartache, desperate loneliness, and the punishing social impacts faced by those walking this path" - CoffeeCakeandKink, London

Out of The Shadows And Into The Darkness by Senta Holland

Out of The Shadows And Into The Darkness by Senta Holland has come out this 2013 with Harper Collins publications.

A deeply felt and superbly written BDSM love story, Senta Holland’s ‘Out of the Shadows’ explores the beautiful darkness in seven bedrooms. You’ve been enthralled by ‘The Bride Stripped Bare’ and ‘The Secret Diary of a Submissive’, now prepare to devour ‘Out of the Shadows’.

Senta, a thirty something Londoner, travels around the planet looking for the man who can match her. The one she finds is her ‘Nai’, a high society American in Asia.

Senta’s story is both complicated and made more exciting by the fact that it unfolds in the dark world of BDSM, a world that can be hostile to single, independent females. Highly erotic, deeply romantic and insightful, this book shows the BDSM experience from the inside out, as reality, not just fantasy.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Colin Jackson The Autobiography: On The Cover

I absolutely love biographies and autobiographies, and the one I'm onto right now is called Colin Jackson The Autobiography by Colin Jackson and David Conn. 

So here's what the cover jacket reads like...trust me, it's a really good book and I definitely suggest you get a read...

...talks candidly about drugs, corruption and the personal sacrifices an athlete has to make.' Athletics Weekly

Colin Jackson is one of the greatest British athletes of all time. A sprint hurdler of phenomenal speed and ability, he holds two world records and has collected a record-breaking haul of 25 major championship medals. Spring 2003 saw him finally hang up his spikes after an amazing 20 years at the top of his sport.

 Here, in his first ever autobiography, Colin describes with

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Sneaky Peeky Sundays

Yes, I know am a day late here, sorry about that...so here's the page I'm on right now from the amazing creation called The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. What IS it with this writer??? Can't seem to get enough of his writing...

Here we go...

'.........them,' he said. 'As important as knowing when one is stubbornly following the wrong path.'

 'Might that path be the one that goes past Case Marlasca, number 13, Carretera de Vallvidrerea?'

 Valera smiled patiently, as if he were scolding an unruly child.

 'Senor Martin, believe me when I say that the further away you stay from that house and that business, the better for you. Do accept at least this piece of advice.'

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon: First Page Mondays

Reading this absolute stunner of  a novel called The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Ever since I chanced onto The Shadow of the Wind by the same author, I realised he's definitely one of my most favourite authors ever - with that dreamy, magical, mystical and somewhere-else kind of thing to his works.....I was waiting to get my hands on this one and finally did....So as I gobble it up, here's a look at the first page...enjoy..

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Act One
City of The Damned


A writer never forgets the first time he accepted a few coins or a word of praise in exchange for a story. He will never forget the sweet poison of vanity in his blood, and the belief that, if he succeeds in not letting anyone discover his lack of talent, the dream of literature will provide him with a roof over his head, a hot meal at the end of the day, and what he covets the most: his name printed on a miserable piece of paper that surely will outlive him. A writer is condemned to remember that moment, because from then on he is doomed and his soul has a price.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crossword's Top 10 Non-Fiction Bestsellers This Week

The book chain giant Crossword just came out with its top 10 Non-Fiction Bestseller list this week...Here's the numbers...Yes, am definitely dying to read some of these, while some I may give a miss...Let's find out....And let me know which ones are on your wishlist too :-)

The #1 Spot is for Yuvi's book that talks about his life in the game, his fight against cancer and coming back to the game.
The Test of My Life, from cricket to cancer and back by Yuvraj Singh

Yes...this is definitely on my wishlist...I was looking forward to this one...


On #2 is the book Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach To Management by Devdutt Pattanaik.
Best-selling author, leadership coach and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik shows how, despite its veneer of objectivity, modern management is rooted in Western beliefs and obsessed with accomplishing rigid objectives and increasing shareholder value

I think I'm gonna give this one a miss...or maybe not. My most favourite management book still remains The Tipping Point.