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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Sneaky Peeky Sundays

Yes, I know am a day late here, sorry about that...so here's the page I'm on right now from the amazing creation called The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. What IS it with this writer??? Can't seem to get enough of his writing...

Here we go...

'.........them,' he said. 'As important as knowing when one is stubbornly following the wrong path.'

 'Might that path be the one that goes past Case Marlasca, number 13, Carretera de Vallvidrerea?'

 Valera smiled patiently, as if he were scolding an unruly child.

 'Senor Martin, believe me when I say that the further away you stay from that house and that business, the better for you. Do accept at least this piece of advice.'

 When he reached Paseo de Colon, the chauffeur turned and drove up to Calle Coercio and from there to the entrance of Paseo del Borne. The carts with meat and fish, ice and spices were beginning to accumulate opposite the large marketplace. As we drove past, four boys were unloading the carcass of a calf, leaving a trail of blood that could be smelled in the air.

 'Your area is charming, full of picturesque scenes, Senor Martin.'

 The driver stopped on the corner of Calle Flassaders and got out of the car to open the door for us. The lawyer got out with me.

 'I'll come with you to the door,' he said.

 'People will think we're lovers.'

 We entered the alleyway, a chasm of shadows, and headed towards my house. On reaching the front door, the lawyer offered me his hand with professional courtesy.

 'Thanks for getting me out of that place.'

 'Don't thank me,' replied Valera, pulling an envelope out of the inside pocket of his coat.

 I recognised the wax seal with the angel even in the tenuous light that dripped from the street lamp above our heads. Valera handed me the envelope and, with a final nod, walked back to the waiting car. I opened my front door and went up the steps to the apartment. When I got in I went straight to the study and placed the envelope on the desk. I opened it and pulled out the folded sheet of paper with the boss's writing...........'

- Debolina Raja Gupta