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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling: Sneaky Peeky Sunday

Reading this much-interesting book called The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling. This was on my wishlist for quite some time but I was waiting to get it in paperback...that hasn't happened yet, and when Flipkart came up with their Grand Book Carnival, I made sure I got this one right away!

So here's the page I am on now....

'Go on.'

'I fucked her last night.'

 Andrew nearly said, 'who?' before his befuddled brain remembered: Krystal Weedon, of course; Krystal Weedon, who else?

 'Where?' he asked, stupidly. It was not what he wanted to know.

 Fats stretched out on his back in his funeral suit, his feet towards the river. Wordlessly, Andrew stretched out beside him, in the opposite direction. They had slept like this, 'top and tail', when they had stayed overnight at each other's houses as children. Andrew gazed up at the rocky ceiling, where the blue smoke hung, slowly furling, and waited to hear everything.

 'I told Chubby and Tess I was at yours, so you know,' said Fats. He passed the joint into Andrew's reaching fingers, then linked his long hands on his chest, and listened to himself telling. 'Then I got the bus to the fields. Met her outside Oddbins.'

 'By Tesco's?' asked Andrew. He did not know why he kept asking dumb questions.

 'Yeah', said Fats. 'We went to the rec. There's trees in the corner behind the public bogs. Nice and private. It was getting dark.'

 Fats shifted position and Andrew handed back the joint.

 'Getting in's harder than i thought it would be,' said Fats, and Andrew was mesmerised, half inclined to laugh, afraid of missing every unvarnished detail Fats could give him. 'She was wetter when I was fingering her.'

 A giggle rose like trapped gas in Andrew's chest, but was stifled there.

 'Lot of pushing to get in properly. It's tighter than I thought.'

 Andrew saw a jet of smoke rise from the place where Fats' head must be.

 'I came in about ten seconds. It feels fucking great once you're in.'

 Andrew fought back laughter, in case there was more.

 'I wore a johny. It'd been better without.'

 He pushed the joint back into Andrew's hand. Andrew pulled on it, thinking. Harder to get in than you thought; over in ten seconds. It didn't sound much; yet what wouldn't he give? He imagined Gaia Bawden flat on her back for him and, without meaning to, let out ..........
- Debolina Raja Gupta