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Monday, June 3, 2013

Daniel Isn't Talking by Marti Leimbach: First Page Mondays

I just finished reading this amazing book called Daniel Isn't Talking by Marti Leimbach. You can get a small idea about the book here if you don't know about it already, and I will be sharing the review soon too, so do watch out - and yes, this is a much recommended book for all parents and for everyone, in general.

So now, without further ado, here's the first page of the book...have a look and go for it....

' My husband saw me at a party and decided he wanted to marry me. That is what he says. I was doing an impression of myself on the back of a motorcycle with my university sweetheart, a young man who loved T S Eliot and Harley Davidsons, and who told me to hand on to him as we swept down Storrow Drive in Boston, the winter wind cutting through our clothes like glass. If I allow myself, I can still remember exactly the warm smell of his leather jacket, how I clung to him, and how in my fear and discomfort I cursed all the way to the ballet.

 we sat on the plus red seat cushions and kissed before Baryshnikov came onstage, the whole of his powerful frame a knot of kinetic energy that leapt as though the stage were a springboard. I always insisted on sitting up front so I could appreciate the strength of the dancers, the tautness of their muscles, the sweat on their skin. My lover of motorcycles and poetry once licked my eyeball so quick I hadn't time to blink, and told me dreamt of crossing a desert with me, of living on nothing but bee pupae and dates. In warm weather he trod across the university.......................................
- Debolina Raja Gupta