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Friday, July 12, 2013

She Rises by Kate Worsley: Review

I received this book as a review copy from Bloomsbury. The book, titled She Rises by Kate Worsley is under the category general fiction.

Details about the book:
Title: She Rises
Author: Kate Worsley
Publishers: Bloomsbury
No. of pages: 432
Genre: Historical / UK fiction

On first look, the book looked quite interesting, especially the artistic cover. Also, once I opened the book and skimmed through the first pages, I realised the style of writing was periodic - given the fact that the story is set in the 18th century.

I generally like books that are set in older eras and especially the British setting. So I was quite looking forward to this one:

What the book is about:

The story revolves around two main characters - Louise Fletcher and Luke.

Louise is a simple dairymaid whose mother has sent her to work in a simple farm as a dairy hand. Living a life of simplicity, she's always been told to stay away from the water that took away her father and brother. Louise lives with her mother and sister and her life revolves around the simple working of a dairy farm, though sometimes she does long for the life outside.

In a turn of fate, Louise gets hired as a lady's maid and her life changes beyond her imagination. While earlier her world revolved around the dairy and her simple life, now her main responsibility lies in her lady, whom she kind of adores, while also seeing her shortcomings, but nonetheless, revering her in an idol worship way. Also, even though she leaves her mother and sister behind, she makes it her mission to find out about her brother who was lost in sea - but more than finding her brother, she ends up finding her own true self as she steps out to the world on her own.

Luke is a young boy who is forced to join Her Majesty's fleet. Even though he can't adjust to this in the beginning, he soon becomes an experienced sailor.

Throughout the first chapters of the book, the two stories follow a parallel and separate world, though there's a small inkling of a connect, and as the story progresses, the two stories come together and intertwine in a very interesting way.

This is a debut from the author and I must say is done in an interesting way. Initially, the story is difficult to grasp, especially the language of the ship hands.

Okay, I finished the book, and there's quite a lot of interesting things that's happening in there, but somehow, I found it quite tiresome to read though and didn't really 'enjoy' enjoy it. Though I did enjoy the Louise parts, I got bored after a while with the Luke part of the story. Though I must give it to Kate Worsley that she got the tone and language of the ship hands quite nice (maybe accurate too, but that's for the natives/local to judge, not may).

I can't say I hated the novel or didn't like it at all, but for me, I guess something was missing and I didn't quite get the pulse of it.

So, I give it 1 heart: NOT TO MY LIKING, but you may sure like it, so give it a try

- Debolina Raja Gupta