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Monday, October 21, 2013

Parenting: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures by Amber Dusick

Recently, I received this weirdly titled book from one of the PR firms. At first look, it was actually quite amusing, I mean, who writes a book with a title like Parenting: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures. Apparently, this mommy nameed Amber Dusick has gone ahead and done just that....

Of course the cover had me from the very start. A brief peek into the book and I was on...I just couldn't put it down...what was originally meant to be a 5-minute peek here and there ended up being a few more minutes of going through the book and ending up finishing it! Yes.....

It's one of the wittiest, laugh-inducing, smart, real and amazing book written on parenting ever that every parent anywhere in the world needs to read.....

I'll share the review soon but for now, here is one of the 'crappy' illustrations from the book :-)

 Cool no? ;-)

- Debolina Raja Gupta