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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory: On The Cover

 I've recently started reading this lovely book called The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory. The book is the first in a series of 6 books that all talk about the royal Tudor rule in England. About a 100 pages down and I guess I'd be going for the rest of the series as well....

For now, here's what's on the cover:

'Desire. Destiny. And a choice that will change history.'

Katherine of Aragon is betrothed at the age of three to Prince Arthur, son and heir to Henry VII of England. She is raised to be Princess of Wales, and knows it is her destiny to rule that far-off, wet, cold land.

 Her faith is tested when her prospective father-in-law greets her arrival with a great insult; Arthur seems little better than a boy, the food is strange and the customs coarse. Slowly she adapts to the first Tudor court, and life as Arthur's wife grows ever more bearable. Unexpectedly in this arranged marriage, a tender and passionate love develops.

 But when  the studious young man dies, she is left to make her own future: how can she now be queen, and found a dynasty? Only by marrying Arthur's younger brother, the sunny but spoilt Henry.

 'Historical fiction at its best' Mail on Sunday

'Gregory brings to life the sights, smells, textures and emotional landscape of 16th century England' KATE MOSSE, Financial Times

- Debolina Raja Gupta