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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Genres That Are Coming Up

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Of late I have been reading a lot of YA books. If you don't know what YA means, it is an abbreviation for the term Young Adult. This is a genre which is basically geared towards the college kids and well, youngsters who are now adults.

Earlier, I would always give these books a miss, as I felt being in my early 30s doesn't really make me 'young' enough to read YA any more. I was so wrong.

With some of the YA books that I read, I was absolutely hooked on. I gulped down the pages and waited excitedly for the next in the series. This is another typical YA book phenomenon, where books aren't just books, but are part of a 'series.' But no complaints. I absolutely loved them.

The new word that is doing the rounds of the genre section now is New Adult. I wasn't really sure what this was supposed to mean, especially as there are already so many different categories that are so clearly demarcated. We already have categories in kids, children, toddlers, infant, adult, YA.

So why the New Adult and what is New Adult?

New Adult is basically created to cater to the age group between 18-25. And yes, I find it really weird. I mean, this is simply nothing but over-marketing and over-confusing things as they are. What do we have next? Old Adult? Middle Adult? Adult is Adult, whether you are 18 or you are 25 or 30. And come on, 25 isn't 'new' as an adult anymore. It's like saying an 18 year old is a new teen or a 7 year old is a newborn.....its plain ridiculous..

As if we already didn't have enough categories to choose from!!

But does this mean we will have another 'New' series of writing style coming up? Only time will tell.

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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